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Racing news

Troubleman Racing Website get launched.

Troubleman Racing will keep you updated of the fast, intense and extreme world of Road Racing seen through the eyes of our first (hopefully not our last) Team rider: Mats Nilsson. His previous achievement and experiences from his last years of racing is summoned up for you under his rider presentation. We will keep this News page below updated with his, from this day and forward, events on and of the track.

Troubleman Racing is foremost interested in the extreme form of real road racing, more specifically the races on the Isle of Man "Road Racing Capitol of the world". A racing event so fast, harsh, brutal and unforgiving that imagination can't cover it but on the other hand so delightful and so full of satisfaction that once you tried it, it will forever be a part of you and it will always go with you wherever you will go.




Dear Folks, I hope you are all well and haven’t been drawn into the hysterical Christmas epoch.  

Finally I got myself under the knife with one of the top leading doctors in Sweden. And from the time I went to see him it only took 2 weeks to surgery. The surgery was made on the 2nd December and it was over in an hour. My knee is in a terrible state but the surgery went well and they grinded and vacuumed up a lot of debris and tried to soften out 2 deep surface craters which has been one of the major problems. There is also cartledge and bone structure damage which doesn’t make it easier.  

However, he was happy with the result of the surgery and if I am lucky I might be able to do light jogging again, after 12-14 months. Lucky …ehhh… He had a good sense of humor any way and said I should count myself lucky to be in this good state after he read my medical record + he found out about what kind of racing I have been doing *smile*. Either which way the whole special private institution is worth every penny you have to pay. Absolute perfect and from the time you walk into the doors you are treated in a mint way. If you go to the normal “butcher houses” in Sweden you be lucky if you get a surgery before hell freezes over. And if it isn’t bad enough to be handicapped I have also caught the flu. I sure hope it hasn’t got to do with Pigs and Swine *smile*.

So now I am facing a long rehab phase which I have done several times before but at least I know that I am not in a hurry to go back on a bike. So yes, this is it. I will not return to racing Real Roadracing. I had some plans that if the damage to my knee wasn’t toooooo bad I would do one more assault on the TT. I had already made some inquiries to buy a Speedy bike with some spare engines. No that has all been laid to rest and will forever be my unfinished Tomb. So there is a big black hole inside of me that I need to fill with something else. However, I have already some new plans for next season in terms of helping others. Looking at some interesting proposals and it even might have to do with the TT *smile*. So lets see what pans out and I get back to you on that. And if my business is continuing to do well I will try and stay involved in the game as a sponsor. I am helping a few racers but that’s more for normal roadracing and my heart is with real roadracing. So lets see what happens.   

I just want to say that the TT is the best thing I have ever done, despite all frustration, desperation, search for engines, broken promises etc etc. Its something I would never want to have undone. Just the thrill and excitement of riding this course is enough to make it the best thing ever. And I will never forget 2006 Manx when I went on my own to race the Manx GP. I was completely clueless of what was in store for me. And without the help I got from Woody, Roger, Drew and Ago I would be totally lost and would probably never make it to the first practice. THANX!!!
I still have my old R6 in my office that I raced in -06, it is still covered with flies from the IOM and I think I will keep it that way. And for all of those who thought it was a tuned engine it… think again… it has 99 BHP on the wheel… I put it up on a rolling road when I got back home.   

There is so many people that I would like to say something about or to, so many have really made an effort for my behalf and I don’t know how to show my gratitude.  There are some I would just  give a proper kick in the boll**ks…And when I think of it I might post them all in my upcoming news on this page. In fact I will take a walk down history lane here and post a few stories for you.

Stay tuned.  

Wish you all the best
/Troubled Troubleman



News 2009-10-23

Long time no see… I hope you are well and that you have had a great time since my last post here.  

Have been out travelling in Europe the last week and I was in Denmark, Germany and Poland. Yes, you guessed right, it was all work and no play. Well, I had a meeting in Berlin over the weekend and we actually took some time to go and see some of the stuff that is so eminent in Berlin. Just imagine that you will split a city in half… Quite astonishing. So Naturally we spent a few hours on the Checkpoint Charlie Museum.
Then I found the best Steak house in Berlin. Grill Royal!!! Great food and the service was immaculate. (The biggest salad I have ever got was served as a starter) *smile*

After my weekend in Berlin I took off to Poland and the city of Bydgoszcz. First and mainly to meet my new distributor in Poland but also to hook up with Andreas Jonsson before the last Speedway GP of the season. Me, Andreas and great friend Dawid had a couple of busy days to sort out all sorts of stuff but it all went according to plan.

Then when I was going home due to the storm all ferries had been cancelled. So I had to drive from Bydgoszcz to Gothenburg. It took only 11 hours. And that includes both the Ferry from Puttgarden to Rodby and the Police stopping us for speeding *smile*. But since my English is soooooooo poor and naturally I don’t speak any German they just checked passport etc and told me to drive slower. That was the advice I really took them up on. I will also take up English lessons asap.

Sadly Andreas just missed out on the final after another restart. It seems like the restarts have been the pain in the a** this season. However I think he should be pleased with his performance overall this season. One GP victory and 5th overall. And for us that have followed him a bit closer know that there have been issues that was WAY out of Andreas hands in terms of difficulties with some crucial things. But for next season I think it looks really good and I would be surprised if he doesn’t stand on the podium frequently and challenge Crump for the nr 1 spot. Hats off to Crump who was on supreme form in the beginning of the season and rode through the pain barriers in the last races to clinch the title. I am also impressed with Emil Sayftinov, what a breath of fresh air. Next year will be a though season.  

I also have to say that I am so happy (not at all surprised) for Christian Nilsson that finished second in the Motard des Nations last heat. He was also leading the race at stages. But, I for sure knew he had the guts and determination to slug it out with the best. Too bad that the other riders and mechanics had it all together on the day. And as it seems, Christian is about to hang up his leathers. So next year the Swedish Supermotard series will be a duller place for sure. However, Troubleman is extremely proud of having been able to help out with the small bits and bobs that we have.  

Got an invitation to the TT riders dinner in Birmingham on the 6th of November, and that always brings some fond memories to my head. The TT mountain circuit… Best place on earth. I will see if I can find the time to go, I have another new situation in my life that I have to take into account these days but I am getting the hang of that as well *smile*. Would love to go however, and hopefully I could have a place at the Dorans table. The great three! *smile*

Its funny how I already miss the TT and the buzz of racing around the greatest track in the world. Just by thinking of the drop into Bray Hill makes me tingle. Awesome place. So if I don’t race there again I will be a poorer man for sure. Its like it’s a piece of my existence, reason to live. Lets see what the doctor says when he cut my knee open.  Either which way I would like to try and do something to stay in the game. But if I am not racing, whats the point. Stand miserable on the side of the track and cursing because your not racing.          

And UK have got a World Champion yet another year in F1. I was hoping for Vettel but it was not to be. Lets hope that the red team will be back on the right pace next year. I guess it will be a extremely quick team with both Massa and Alonso behind the wheels.  

I have also been able to get a new distributor onboard in Oslo, Norway for one of my companies so I am heading to Oslo next week to get them started.

We have also just started a tryout together with one of the big Swedish association for animal farming. So it sure is exciting times at the office these days.

Have new employees as well. My new secretary is just about 21 years old but she is as good as they come. Thoroughly precise and get things done in a heartbeat. Then my new maintenance/installer/salesperson is also a storm in a glass and is only 21 as well. (So we are a really young team, part from maestro himself perhaps) But, we have loads of fun and things are moving on nicely. 

I wish you all the very best and I hope to chat with you soon.  

Andreas in his SGP outfit. Thanks for a great season.  

On the last picture I am standing on the starting line for Dundrod 150 (Ulster) with borrowed leathers because I crashed 50 minutes earlier in the lead and cracked ribs and shoulder blade. Still you want to go out racing asap. That’s the lure of real roadracing. Never ending excitement. Best sport in the world.


Kick ass and have fun



News 2009-09-24

Dear People,
I hope you all are well and have had a great week. Since the last time I wrote a few things has happened in my none event full life.  

First I would like to wish all the amazing politicians in Sweden for a truly stunning performance.
Again they have totally outdone themselves.
Instead of taking lesson’s in english in Sweden they simple go to south of France or some other expensive place to the expense of us taxpayers. The difference is just roughly 1900 Euro per person. Flipping hell… They seem totally aware of the finance crisis, credit crunches etc.
As a hard working taxpayer I find it FU**ING OBSCENE that these meat heads are in charge of this nation and tells us other people what to do or not to do. I like the executioners word by the gallows in the Movie Robin Hood (Prince of thieves): “There is always room for one more”. 

The next bravissimo is directed to the Swedish Police authority in Mölndal City.
My company was, as so many other companies in Sweden has been (since our company law is totally screwed up) a victim to an attempt to withdraw cash and buy stuff in our name. If its not a crime that is related to speeding in your car, they are totally useless and can’t even fill out a report. They can’t even come and take a statement, they can’t even open up a hatch in their own station and help people make a claim. It takes them 2 hours to serve 2 people that have had crimes directed at them. It’s a fu**ing disgrace to society. But you can find 10 of these people standing next to the road and shoot every car in sight so they are not speeding by 5 km/h.

Then you have a inspector call you and ask you stupid question that is already in the report, (which I had to have my secretary do, since I cant wait 3 hours for them to open that little hatch in their nice little police station). It turned out that he hadn’t even read it :-( These are the people that I pay the salary for. I think we should make the whole flipping law enforcement into a private sector thing, because nothing NOTHING can be worse than this system. Then when they actually say something and when they have the criminals NAME, Adress, social security nr etc etc, do you think that they will go fetch him. NO!!! They will send a letter to him, and ask if this known criminal wouldn’t mind coming to the police station for some questions! YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!

I have nothing against good police and I think they are absolutely essential to the well being of a functional society. I do even sponsor some Swedish police sectors, especially for narcotics. Its just that it seems like wrong people choose this trade for the complete wrong reasons.  

That’s the sad news.


The new single Pussy is finally here. And it’s a masterpiece!
The video is truly chocking but what did you expect. Can’t wait to get my hands on the full CD. 

I also went to see my friend Axel in the Wild West City of Sweden (Eskilstuna). We haven’t seen each other (except when he came to Karlskoga to watch some racing 2 months ago) properly for almost 14 years. Let me just say that we used to be a bit on the wild side and our limits were merely existing back then. But, Axels life is in extremely good order and he is doing really well. Which I didn’t doubt for a second. We had a great time and had a great night out on the town. Good food, drinks and friends.

Also meet up with my long time no see sidekick Joakim, whom I haven’t seen either in 14 years. So we had a good trip down wild memory lanes :-) 

I will try and keep you posted a bit more frequently in the future but I have been a bit depressed since my injuries took me away from my beloved Isle of Man, but a surgery is not that far away I think and you just never know what happens after that…  

Stay clear of trouble!



News 2009-09-04 

Speedway GP, Norwegian Champion and lots of rain.  

Dear all, I hope you are well and have had a great time since I last decided to write. Have had quite a busy time since my last post here.

I am currently trying to get my schedule right and might have to go to Korea, China, France and Germany within the next 2 month. I have never been to China and never been to Korea, so if that is a go I might at least take one day off to actually go and see stuff *smile*. But first thing first.

A brilliant Speedway Grand Prix victory for Andreas Jonsson in Vojens, Denmark. He rode like a man possessed and despite restarts in both the semi and in the final which he was leading he just went out and did it again. Brilliant work and it feels awesome to be a part of that. So I am bound to go and watch at least one more GP before the season is ending in Poland. And just 3 days after he was the main reason for taking his team to the semifinals in the Swedish league.   

Further on, my other sponsored racer Caroline Olsen became Norwegian champion last weekend. Despite being really sick and not feeling well at all this though little girl outclassed the entire Rookie 600 field with almost 7 seconds to claim the Championship title. She has now opted to advance to the pro series and might race this weekend in Norway in the Superstock 600 class. And this is only her second year riding. Awesome.   

The third sponsored racer, Christian Nilsson who just made it back (his doctor says he is still injuried) from a severe thumb fracture and took pole position in the Supermoto Swedish Championship by a country mile *smile*. But after sluggish starts he finished 2nd in both moto. But what a comeback. We are hoping he will get the ride for this years World Team Championship again, despite the missed season. He is clearly the fastest rider out there.  

Just spoke to Woody (Chris Bradshaw) who is racing this years Manx GP. They have had trouble with the weather all through practice and race week. The Senior race is today and I am crossing my fingers that he will do well.  

What else is happening. I am moving to a new house at the end of this month, so that’s going to take some time as well. Moving to a better planned and more thoroughly built house, so soon I can host more friends than before.

Part from that I am trying to lose some weight, after my bad knee its been hard to keep up the same training regime as before and I can’t run or even walking properly so it’s been too much good food and to little exercise. But, now I am trying to get back in shape and I am going a bit more frequently to the gym. But then I cracked up my right shoulder and my knee is preventing me from doing much leg exercise so it’s a bit messy at the moment ARRRGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

That’s it for this time but I hope to be in touch soon.

Thank you for all the kind emails, I sure do appreciates them and I hope I can deliver something back to you all. In the meantime I have picked 2 of my favorites pictures from This years TT. One that really shows the compression at Bray hill when you hit it at 170-180MPH. In F1 they speak so loud about Eau Rouge at the Spa GP track. (In which last week’s race we finally saw the prancing horse back where they belong. NR.1!!!) I think that corner is a mouse nut compared to 90% of the Mountain course corners???

The other one is of me passing Ryan Farquar in this years practice at Braddan Bridge. During practice. Ok, at the next straight his Superbike hurled pass me again… but it was still good fun since I do respect Ryan’s ability as a racer immensely.    

Stay well and be good.

Best regards


News 2009-08-08

Swedish Champion in Speedway, crashes, small dogs and a boat vacation.  

Guten Tag,
I hope you are well and that you have some vacation time left now when the weather finally is getting better.

I am at present at Sandhamn outside Stockholm with 2 friends. We are having a boat vacation and since we left Djurgården yesterday we have had a tremendous weather *smile*. It’s the grande finale at Sandhamn today and therefore thought we had to check it out. And so far Peter has not lead us astray.

We were suppose to go to lake Como in Italy but there were a few things that got in between of this. Mostly work, as usual.  

This morning we started with a breakfast and the we walked around the island, took us almost 80 minutes, but the sun was up and it was the perfect way to start the day.

See below for pictures.

Since I am sponsoring Andreas Jonsson who took another Gold medal in the Swedish Speedway championship, you could say that I am part of that as well *smile*, well anyway, he was on fire and no one was close of stopping him. Very well done. But then he had a horrible crash in the Team series only 3 days later and injuried his back, which meant he had to ride injuried in The Grand Prix 4 days later in the Baltic GP of Dgoudapil (not sure about the spelling). So he could only raise a few points from there but I think he will be at his best in the next GP which is held in Målilla in Sweden. I were suppose to be there and also a few of my friends, family and business friends. However, one of my close friends is actually getting married and when he called and asked me to come I couldn’t say no.

Last Monday I was also up and paid a visit at Andreas, Frida and their son Vincents newly bought house by the coast outside Norrtälje. It was great and we got to see the hugely impressive guard dogs that keeps all trespassers at bay.


Caroline Olsen had an up and down weekend at the last race weekend of the Scandinavian Open. It started really well on the free practice on Friday were she easily rode to a personal best of 1.09.8 on used and worn tyres.But then I really dont know what happened. In the actual qualifying she didn’t seem to get the best out of herself and she was also stuck in traffic and never got any free runs. She was slower than on the day before. But that’s the way it goes sometimes. She did however start from Pole so it was ok.

But after being a bit to nice in the first turn and again a bit early on the brakes she lost a few places and she was in 4-5-6 place. And after a small mistake in the slowest corner she made a lowside and fell. But she was alright and still cracked a few smiles later in the pits and promised she would make up for it the next day. She fixed the bike that night and it was almost like new when the next day Qualifying started. After being a bit to careful and off the pace she went out again and did a 1.09.6 time. Out of the blue. Nice. But another rider just nipped her offSS pole with 3 hundreds of a second.

But it was going in the right direction. However the race was cut short after a heavy crash and when they held up blankets to shield of the medical teams work on the rider we all held our breath. But it turned out OK. Not good but ok. A lot of fractures but ok. So I hope he makes a speedy recovery. This meant however that the race was cancelled.

So, that was it. We were planning to go to Knutstorp so she could race the Swedish championship round there this weekend but after looking at the idiotic time schedule they have for this event we decided not to. So next race will be the Scandinavian Open race in Våler Norway. Hopefully I can be there to see it.

That’s about it for this time. We are off to have lunch.

C U laters


News 2009-07-24

Greetings to you all.
I hope you are well and that you haven´t drowned in the constant downpour (Goes for Sweden) that keeps plaguing us up north.

I am getting ready to head towards Värmland and Karlskoga to go and see some roadracing and take a small vacation time at a nearby Spa-hotel in an old manor type of style. I normally go there every year before the Isle of Man racing but this year I just didn’t have the time.

And it suits good to do it know since Aircode/Troubleman sponsored Caroline Olsen is racing the Scandinavian Open races this weekend. So lets see if she can take two more
wins this weekend as she did last weekend.

I also take this space to post a picture of My Late friend Andrew Neil.

Best regards


News 2009-07-19

Good morning,
I hope you are well and that you have had a good night sleep.

Sadly enough the Swedish summer time has turned the “normal” side on us with loads of rain and winds.

That’s was also the case yesterday morning when I woke up and was suppose to go to Karlskoga racetrack to watch the NM championship, were I am supporting Caroline Olsen in her pursuit of Roadracing glory. (She is racing in the rookie 600 Class) But when I woke up and saw massive downpour I just turned over again and fell right back to sleep. ( as an excuse I have had a fairly busy week with lots of travelling and flying, so I was quite content with staying in bed). Tord, my friend was suppose to tag along and show up at my house at about 07.45 but knowing him I thought he wouldn’t be around when the rain was falling.

Well, I fell asleep again and didn’t wake up until 10.30!!!! which is extremely late for me, I then called Tord and asked if we were going. We were, but we didn’t leave Gothenburg until 12.30 and we just arrived at the track in time to see the second qualifying for Rookie600. Since I never meet Caroline before I really didn’t know who she was or how she looked. Just that Rachid ( told me she was really quick and smooth on a bike. But just as we were passing by the pits we saw a short blue eyed dark haired girl in leathers. Spot on, it was her. So we went and introduced ourselves and wished her good luck. (After a bit into this season she left her old team that was racing Hondas and just the other week or so she jumped on a Yamaha R6. Funny how that with these race teams work out, or should I say DON’T work out).    

We could see (managing from the grandstand *smile* ) that she was braking a bit early into two of the big braking zones on the track. But she ride with very little effort and she looks dead smooth and the R6 sounded crisp as a spring morning. Despite the early breaking she was quickest after few laps in the second Q but still missing a few hundreds of a second to slip into pole. Second still good enough to be there for the race. After she said that she had problems with the front brake which was also a problem in last weekend’s race.

Since I had Tord with me we had to go and eat, (he has a built in sleep and eat clock, and it is always ringing for one or the other reason *smile* ) so after a delicious late lunch of a hamburger we went to the grandstand.

Race time, and after a just about ok start Caroline was third. After lying behind the second place guy the leader took off and had a couple of seconds lead. But after she passed the second placed guy she gunned it and quickly got in the leaders slip stream, passed him and after that she never looked back. Even though that the she and second placed stuck together. And the only places she lost time was in the braking zones as before. But, one thing that stuck me was that she is very determined when it comes to passing. She doesn’t flinch a second, just stick her front wheel in and by she goes. I like that.

Last turn however almost costed the race win when she come up to two lapped rider who were dicing for position, but it went well. And she is the first Girl to ever win a Rookie 600 race in Norway as well as in Sweden. Class act.

So after a performance like that, I decided to increase my support for her and has made it possible for her to race next week again in the Scandinavian Open race in Karlskoga again. Also spoke to some other people who now might be able to help her out. Her family was all there to support her. Mother and father and a very proud brother. They were all class act people. It was great to meet them all and looking forward to meet them again.

Me and Tord then rushed back to Gothenburg and finished of our day with dinner.

I am know watching TV since its Speedway Team world championship and the rider I am supporting in the World championship Andreas Jonsson is the captain for the Swedish team. Andreas just won his first race after a mega ride. *smile* AWESOME! GO SWEDEN!

So I will look at that and then I have some work to do.  

See you all later 


Exiting Rhencullen flat in fourth gear

News 2009-07-13

Dear all,
It is with great sadness that my fellow racer and friend Andrew Neil paid the ultimate price in the sport we all love.Andrew came off his bike and hit a tree at the Walderstown race.

I had the privilege to race and befriend Andrew during Manx GP 2007, were he finished 3rd in the Junior GP. During this years TT we had a few really good laughs and Andrew was always relaxed and seemed to enjoy his life and racing to the maximum.

He is also one of the only riders that have ever complimented one of my passes in the most verbal ways. During practice to Manx GP -07 I passed him on the outside in the double right hander before Greeba Bridge and while passing him I looked back at him while fully leaned on the side and my shoulder almost hitting his front tyre. The picture below is taken at Ballacraine right after.

He said while still laughing his socks of, it was the most hairy pass ever and how did you come up with the idea of looking back at me. He still reminded me of this this year. There were never any hard feelings or nagging about this or that as an excuse with Andrew, and I said that I thought he would have won the Manx Last year if he hadn’t crashed in practice. He just shrugged his shoulder and said: That’s the way it is sometimes. So true. He always had something positive to say to me and I never felt as I was a competitor to him. I wish I had more of his personality. The pits and racing will recover from this, but it has lost a great character and will be a lot duller place to visit.  

My thoughts are with his loved ones.

Andrew, I catch you again, some other time.



News 2009-07-04 

Dear All,  
I hope you  are enjoying the excellent weather that even Sweden is being greeted with every morning for the last weeks. Its been absolutely fantastic and I have taken my maiden Swim in the ocean and sea this year.  

As always after the TT and Isle of Man experience racing on the world’s greatest race track there is always a massive “down” period following. And this year I even think it’s the biggest setback in my life. There is no light at the end of this tunnel at present and I am struggling to keep my head above water. The only reason for being up every morning is naturally my greatest and most respected friend. WORK.

We have been very busy in rolling out 19 supermarket stores with all kinds of different installations and solutions, and it has taken some planning to get  the most effectiveness out of it. This naturally since the stores are spread more or less all over Sweden. But in the end it was all worth it. There are also a couple of interesting project that are looming in the background and we are undergoing a testing process next week with one of the biggest prospects ever for us, so its all busy and exciting times.  

After I got home from the TT I went and picked up my new car, and after 6 days I hit a badger (grävling in Swedish) on my way home from Växjö. Isn’t that typical. The badger run across the road and it looked as if he/she tried to duck underneath the car… since the car is fairly low he would be better of trying to jump it *smile*.  

Last weekend me and my 2 friends Tord and Tomas went to Halmstad (Tylösand) to stay at Per Gessles Hotel right at the beach. Although we had loads of fun and meet some really interesting people *smile*. Some of us more interesting than others… I just have to say that the room that we stayed in were horrible. And they weren’t even properly cleaned. So I went down and asked if the Suite toilet normally comes with these brown skidmarks??? Ehhh!!! And the sofa inside seemed so old and dusty that we were afraid the old dust/fungi snake was going and chew us in the a**.

But in the end we had loads of fun and had tremendous food. Tord set the standards when he came down to the beach at 15.30 with a Magnum Moet *smile*. From there on it was all smiles.  

At the moment I am in Barcelona in Hotel Arts just down by the Beach and I have to say that it is one of the best Hotels I have ever been to. Naturally I also burned myself under the sun yesterday since sunblock is for amateurs *smile*. Today there is plenty of sunblock on my roasted and reddish body *smile*.

Barcelona is a buzzing city with lots of things to do, but I have decided that this is my holiday of the summer so I will take it easy and just spend 50 minutes in the morning in walking by the beach and another 50 minutes exercising in the gym every day. The sad story is that I can only stay until Monday. Then I have promised my friend to go with him to Marbella as soon as possible, he has worked hard and might be planning to buy a house there. So I have said: Sure, lets go.  

My mum is actually at the moment in California and I am wondering if she will make it back to Sweden before her birthday? 

I just want to say thank you to all support from emails, text messages and phone calls. Trust me, I don’t want to quit racing. I have received so much from it and no matter what would have come out of it in the end would I never wanted to have my Isle of Man adventures undone. And I read Martin Bullocks web page were they had written about me and I just take my hat off for the kind words.

Some of the emails I have got is fantastic and I never knew I had this effect on some people. I am just a guy who likes my work, meet people and racing the Isle of Man Mountain Course and I think it would be great to go over and meet you there again.     

That’s it for today. Stay tuned and I might have some racing news for you next time even though it’s unlikely.

Love and Respect


News 2009-06-10

Dear racefans and supporters,
It is with big disappointment that I have to inform you all that I am retiring from this years TT. With the odds being stacked up against me before I even came to the island this year I now have to surrender to them.

Its mainly because my right knee is given me so much pain and the fact that I cant use it to shift my weight around the bike which makes it almost impossible for me to perform on the level I want to. I have tried hard to compensate for it with more use of my upper body strength but its not the same to handle a bike around this mountain course without the use of your legs. And as I am still cleared eye enough to realize that you need to treat this place with the outmost respect and be as fit as you can to go chasing quick laptimes without compromising yours and others safety I am now pulling the plug.

For the first time I have had a wonderful team behind me and I have for the first time had a bike that has had the drive and power to really deliver a top result on I have now been let down by no other than myself. Which is the best way really, The Team Blackhorse Yamaha has been the best ever and I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to race and socialize with them.

I will go back to Sweden and go back to the same doctor that told me racing shouldn’t be on my agenda this year with the knowledge that he will have the “ I told you so” face on and I will probably hear that in words as well. The problem is that my bone surfaces are cracked and looks like Grand Canyon instead of being silk smooth, which is just getting worse and worse the more I use it. And it was actually so pain full that I was almost in tears during the last laps of the Supersport race. And it’s taken the fun out of go bike racing. I probably could live with the pain but when it is also affecting my race pace and safety it is just not worth it. I still did my best ever 600 lap 122,46 but its also meant I stretched the safety barrier through some of the quick right left combinations corners. Racing should be fast, fun exciting, intense and joyful, and yesterday it was just painful and frustrating which is no good.  

So I wish you all the very best and hope to see you all some other time.

I also hope my teammate Mathsu makes a speedy recovery, went to see him late last night at nobles hospital, he is suffering from leg and shoulder injuries after a fallen on the mountain section just before the Veranda. Great guy with a great personality.  



News 2009-06-09

Good Morning,
I hope you are well and that you enjoyed yesterdays races on the Isle of Man.

I wish I could say that I am pleased with my result in my first Superbike race and also completing my first ever 6 lap races on the TT. The weather was just beautiful and the crowds were out in forces. And I had a couple of loud fans tucked up in a tree… now that’s commitment for you. Just wished we could have delivered some better results for you. We ended up on a low key 15th place, but I can guarantee you that I rode as hard as I possible could. The changes to the frontsuspension proved to be very hard and I suffered badly in the bumpy section, and there are a few bumps around here *smile*. However, It was great to get the TT -09 underway and today and tomorrow we have the Supersport class to zone in on. So I am trying to think my way ahead of this race and get into the 600 “way” around here. Need to pick up several seconds a lap to have something to say about the top positions, but I will dig as deep as I can.

The 6 lap race yesterday was just hard fought and I can actually compare it to nothing else I have done. You are riding on the verge of control for almost 2 hours… Amazing feeling.

So after a good night sleep we should be ready for “lift off” at 12 15. 

Wish you all the best


News 2009-06-05

Good evening folks,
Last practice has been dealt with and I am sad to say that we didn´t find any cure for the big bikes tendency to tankslap me around. So I am a bit lost in the dark at the moment. We were going to try and put harder springs in the front but just as I was going out to test it they shut the gate to practice. (Shorter practice today)

So tomorrow I will start the race without knowing the feeling or handling of the bike, which is a big disappointment, I soooo much wanted to get my hand on it and be able to really go chasing some high MPH Average. I had John McGuinnes following me last night and he came up to me today and said he shut his eyes a couple of times because he thought it was going to tankslap me off the bike towards Crosby and Greeba. He said I scared him. “Then what how do you think I felt!” It’s not much we can do it seems, the mechanics have been trying everything possible and they have been dialing and looking for reason all week.

Today I had same problem as yesterday, but still rode around. And apparently I was doing a 123.49 MPH lap, which is the quickest I have been around here but still I am riding at half or shut throttle from time to time.

We will see what unfolds for tomorrow. I really wanted to get my Supersport out and get zoned in on that since I feel I have a lot more coming, especially over the mountain but we don’t want to put to much strain on the engine so I just have to go all balls out in the first Supersportrace.  

Now I will go to bed and hope tomorrow is a better day.  



News 2009-06-05

Yesterdays practice

Good morning,
Hope you had a good sleep. I certainly did, I cant actually remember when I had slept this long the last time. I slept to 9.20 this morning.  

During yesterday practice I was to focus on trying the big bike to handle and not to throw me of in a few places. So the mechanics was busy with changing springs and fiddling with the suspension. So the plan was to just go out on the big bike and try to dial it in.  

I set off together with John McG, and he was a way like a man processed but I tried to keep up as good as possible, because on a full tank of fuel and new tyre the Superbike has just been horrible to ride down through Bray hill, into and exiting Union Mills and over and after wagon horse jump. It just starts shaking without any reason. And it is not just small tankslappers but it actually hits the stops. I am normally not easy scared but yesterday just after I passed McG how had some problem I went over Wagon Horse Jump and down the dip, I was clinging on for dear life. But then on the second lap the shaking and wobbles seem to ease off and it is quite ride-able. So I am a bit puzzled about this and I really don’t have a clue why this is unfolding. And my feedback my not be the best to the mechanics either since I really don’t know much about bikes and its set up. Anyway, second lap started pretty well and I was having a quite nice run but after the gooseneck I heard the clutch start slipping and that was it. So pulled in after that.  

Hopefully we will have a final good practice tonight and see if we can fine tune a few things. The Blackhorse R6 I felt really good on and I think we can improve on that given a clean lap (and the rider don’t stall it in neutral at Greeba *smile* ) The big bike I really don’t know what to do with which might be inexperience but that is reality. Lets try something anyway.  

All the very best and be good.


News 2009-06-04

Good morning,
After a great night sleep it is time to get out of bed and start working. 21 Emails was collected during the time I had turned off my computer for a few hours and also the Bl***y telephone was ringing in my ear. Few things were forgotten and out of sync back home in the “real world” so, but I think that is sorted now so business can go on accordingly to plan.  

I was happy yesterday to get a new sponsor onboard this late in the event. NK Joinery here on the Isle of Man decided to support me this year again. Went over to their office up on Cooil Road and meet the Les and his team. Great persons and a friendly atmosphere. Thanks a Bunch Guys.  

What about last night practice… Puh… 4 days straight with sunshine and warm weather… cant believe it. I was out on my Blackhorse Yamaha R6 first and it felt really good, had a nice clean run for the first half a lap but then I was passed on the fast straight on the mountain by a Superbike. Then got a bit tangled with him on the run down in the quick corners. But it was a nice steady lap and felt good. I tried a few new things on a couple of places and it seemed to work.

For my second lap I was ready to rock and all went great until Greeba Bridge, were I hit neutral, probably a bit lazy on the gearchange, I thought the gearbox had gone and pulled the clutch as fast as I could. So I was free rolling for a bit and then I tried to get it in gear and “clonk” in gear it went and I was starting to ride again. Took it a bit easy through Ballacraine, Ballaspur and Dorans, but then I realized it was a nothing wrong with the bike (more wrong with the rider*). Finished the lap going through some yellow flag and some traffic, but part from that it was good. I could see on my sector times that I missed out a good 6-8 seconds from previous run so we getting into it I think. Clocked a 121,817 but my standing start was a 121,6. Good enough for a 3rd place I think.  

For the big bike we had done some significant changes and that included a change of Dimension on the Dunlop rear tyre. So went out and got steady away down Bray Hill, but it was still shaking going down towards the dip. And it was a bit shaky here and there and on some of the places its really not comfortable to get those tankslappers. I was told to come in after one lap and check the tyre pressure. So I did. And then went out again. With a half tank of fuel the bike has a less tendency to shake, and the second lap went a lot better as well. Even if I was just trying to get used to the alterations we made. We have some more changes to try today and hopefully it will be a step forward and we can give it some tonight.

The final lap was a 121,9 with oil flags and a sea of absorbation sand over the mountain. But in general I do think that the tyre change made the bike easier to handle so we are going in the right direction.  

Today, I will first go and see a happy bunch o people from Sweden in the Pits. Promised them to make myself available for some questions and some good laugh *smile*. Then later I will go and pick up Lars (aka Lost) and Rash at the airport. It will be good fun and I am quite sure there have happened a lot of things in Lars world the last 7 days so it will be good to catch up with him. Rash is the owner of the Roadracing net magazine and he has finally decided to come and join the party on the Isle of Man.  

That’s about it for now.  

All the best

TT news 2009-06-02

Dear Folks,
I hope you have had a nice summer day like we have had today at the Isle of Man. Absolute gorgeous weather. 23-24 degrees and sunshine. Just perfect to go chasing around the most spectacular piece of tarmac in the world *smile*.

After I woke up and had my breakfast this morning I went up to the pits and found that the German Übermechanic Norman had join our team. That was a pleasant surprise since he has a really good solid personality and is a top mechanic. I sat and watched him go through my bike and he do not miss a thing, if there is a mesh that is a bit pointy on the radiator he makes sure it has no way of damaging the radiator, etc etc… Class act.

Got a bit upset later when first one of the rider said that he had heard that I was “trying” and “pushing” to hard since I had been seen tankslapping and weaving at a few places…. Ehhhh… thank you very much for the information but we do have a set up problem and is quite aware of that ourselves…. Then 10 minutes later, the source of information came into the tent and started annoying me with the same talk… So I got a bit fiery and used a bit more vocabulary than I should, but it is tiring to listen to people that think that you are pushing too hard just because there is other issues. And its quite enough of manhandling a Superbike as it is without having to listen to other “experts” view’s.

We did however do some major changes to the big bike with the shock but also for the front.  Harder spring in the back and a bit more preload at the front. So I was excited to see if it would solve. Trust me, I want the big bike sorted as quick as possible so I can start chasing.  

Before the Practice was of I was invited in to a quick chat on the Radio TT station, and I was joined by Hector Neil, we had a good chat and it was fun to do something, the days can get a bit booring waiting to go racing.  

Once up on the grid I got my helmet on a bit late so I wasn´t at the front of the starting order but I was happy enough. Again I opted to take my loved Yamaha R6 out first. And I took off with a superbike and he naturally was first into Bray hill but I passed him into QB. Then he passed me back at the run up the long straight uphill at Ballahutcin, I repassed him at Greeba bridge and then I stayed ahead. I really felt easy on the R6 today and I wasn’t really trying that hard but still it felt good. And just as I was going over Hailwood rise I was passed by a Superbike and actually got held up at several points going down the mountain and in to the finish line. But I went in so I could focus on the Superbike + I really felt comfortable on the R6 so there is more to come on that.

It turned out that I was nearly 6 seconds quicker than my starting lap yesterday and I had gone quicker than ever before J 121,37 which made me 3rd fastest of the day in the Supersport class.  

Then a quick sip on the CNP magic potion and a sunk down a fresh Shoei Helmet, then away. Took it nice and steady away. For me that control a Sony Vaio Laptop and go to meetings all day for a living a Superbike id quite “interesting” to handle. They are so powerful and before you have time to say holy***t you nicked 6th gear and rushing through the streets in 180MPH *smile*.

Anyway, as so interesting to see how the changes lived up to the challenges. I had 4 heavy tank slappers (after, Braddan, after Union Mills, after Ballahutchin and after Wagon horse jump) on the opening lap. I was so disappointed but I kept plugging at it and thought I was going to the pits, but I thought lets try it with a half tank of juice and warm tyres. Took it a bit easier on the first run into Union Mills but I wouldn’t have had to. Second lap it actually felt pretty good and no really misbehaving tendency.

Went around and caught a far amount of people that I had to pass but finished of the lap and clocked a 122,94 Mph lap. So I was quite surprised with that. The bike feels really good on some parts of the course and the extra seatfoam and stompgrips  has made a huge different, but those tendency to throw my hand off the bars is not nice, and today it sort of knocked my left elbow. For tomorrow we (both me and Ian) will most likely try the 195 Dunlops instead of the new 200 tyres. Looking forward too do that and get the bike even more sorted.  

I will also have a obligation to go and be at a Marshal ceremony tomorrow at lunch at the sea terminal were they are unveiling a new exhibition advice from which they have bought for the money I donated to them last year, so I am looking forward to that.  

Sleep tight and dream fast.  



News 2009-06-01


It´s late evening here in Isle of Man and todays practice was held in glorious sunshine and 23 degrees.

Since last practice I have tried to get me to sit still in the seat on the R6 by applying some Stompgrip on the tank. And a matter of fact it did seem to help quite a bit. And I felt a lot better today then on Saturdays practice. Did two laps and I was directly above 120 MPH and the second one over 121MPH, so that is actually only 2 seconds away from what my best time is, and that is only on the second practice without knowing the bike and quite honest I really haven’t start to push yet.

It was really bad for flies today and the sun was straight in your face… hard to see the roads sometimes.

I directly took the Suberbike out and did get two laps in on that as well. Just took it nice and safe on it but still did 120,6 and 120,7MPH laps on them and I think the last one would have been a 122 but got badly held up on two occasions, I lost out over 10 seconds just on the last bit 1 minute stretch so I feel quite happy. The big bike is still a bit handful and gives me a few hairy moments without letting me know before *smile*. But I am putting stompgrips on that as well for tomorrow. And will try to change some small thing on the set up. Also ripped all three tear offs at my first lap at parliament square so the second lap was more of a guessing game than anything else. The flies were out in forces.

I took my Japanese Teammate out for a lap in the car tonight. He is learning quickly and is a really great guy to be around as is his whole team. So polite and helpful. I think the Japanese is on a complete different level of respect and manners than us.  

Stay well and sleep well… I sure will.  

Best regards


News 2009-05-31

First practice away.

Good day to you all. On the Isle of Man we rolled put the first practice for 2009 yesterday. And it was in the best weather condition I have ever seen at the Isle of man. 21 degrees and sunshine all through. And not very much wind either.

On the line up my new painted helmet from Sean Egan was stiring up some excitement from the photographers. Nice on Sean.

After a few delays we were all ready to rock. I took off with my buddy Ryan Farquar that were out on the Big bike. Had a nice and good run with Ryan through Bray, (and we had big wheelies over Agos *smile* ),  Quarter bridge and then passed him exiting Braddan, but on the following straight he came roaring passing me. Stayed with him however and at Cronk y Woddy John McG came rushing by on the straight…

I got my finger out and passed Ryan going into Kirk Michaels. And then I just tried to get settle in. Because this course to scare you first time around and it is always easy to think you know the place too well in first practice. Its always a build up time here.

I really only had 2 problems over the two laps I did with the R6. I was loosing contact with the bike in the quick and bumpy corners, and I think its because I have too little seatfoam on the edges of my seat. So I will get that sorted and maybe even try to put some stompgrips on my bike. Second, it felt like the front was a bit to soft in the front and that the front became really low in some quick corners, or it might just be me that haven’t got my confidence up on this bike around this massive place.

At the NW200 I had no problem with armpump but after two laps here it was well back. Puhhh…couldn’t even get my gloves of. So I took a small breather and then went out on the big bike. Just took it nice and steady on the big thing, I need all the build up I can get on that thing, but it is exciting to ride it around here. Lots of wheelies *smile*.

After practice I spoke to Ryan, and we both said that the track is way more bumpier this year than last year. John McG came by and said he posted a lap over 125Mph since the mechanics clocked him. And that’s despite being held up by some back markers. That is going some on the first practice. 

Today I will see if I can get my gym card arranged and go have a sauna and just take it easy.

Catch you laters.



News 2009-05-30

I hope you are having a lovely day and that you have had the best start of the summer. Talking of summer, the weather on the Isle of Man today was just awesome. Sunshine and up to 22 degrees. Inside the big awnings it gets like a sauna. But hey, I am not complaining. And the weather forecast I suppose to be quite good for the coming days so hopefully we will have a lots of practices with no or little hold up.

I arrived at the Isle of Man yesterday after an early flight out from Gothenburg through Copenhagen-Manchester to finally arrive at Ronaldsway airport on the IOM. And I went directly to my surrogate parents on the island, were I got a note on the door saying, the key is in the letterbox, don’t let the cats out, this year its 3 of them and they all look alike so don’t let them fool you *smile*. They didn’t. They are really shy cats but this morning I had one of them joining me for breakfast, on the table.

Headed up to the pits to check in with the Blackhore Yamaha team. I saw 4 Japanese people, Mathsuhi, Monky and Asa. Cant remember or pronounce the 4th ones name.

Would a likable crowd of people… all absolutely smashing… fun and not afraid to have a good laugh. Some of them was very much involved in the great Juan Maedas racing on the isle of Man up to his fatal crash at Ballhutchin. The Rider Mathsuhi is just phenomenal and I wish all the best as a newcomer for the Superstock race. But I am a bit jealous since he has sponsorship from Virgin Atlantic… *smile*. He also have more sponsor stickers on his Blackhorse R1 then all other rider has together, so I bought some candy for the poor mechanics who is applying them.

After a while I met up with Ian and Joe as well. They had arranged with a car for me through a car dealer on the island. Class work, its just a great team to be involved in.

I tried sorting out a good internet connection right away but I didn’t manage until now.

Today I have just been through signing on and had them checked my Boots, gloves, leathers and helmets. Met a few familiar faces and said hello. It was really good to see Eric and Ted, they are both two happy chaps that gives me enough shit to laugh about. And for that I pay back with some great PR for Maxsports *smile*.

Did a lap in the car with Ian and Mathsuhi. Then in the evening I was invited to do this TT Marshaling do. Were we get to meet the marshals and pay our respect to them. We were also interviewed on live radio. ( 2 Redbulls later we went up to where Ian and Jo are staying for a nice Chinese dinner.

Before going home I did a lap in the car and it felt really good.  Cant wait until tomorrow to get my head down the bubble and go down Bray Hill… mmmmm….. Awesome. 

And that will be “alles” for today. 



NW200 = Wasted time!!! 

Hello Folks. 
I hope things are better in your world than it is in mine. I just wasted a full week in Northern Ireland for a couple of laps on a motorcycle. Since the last 2 races of the NW200 was cancelled for reason only some know.

But there have been good things to it as well. Had some time to spend with the Blackhorse Yamaha Team and they are great. A really funny bunch to hang out with. And the Yamaha R6 is really felling good and I have for the first time in my short real roadracing career been able to pass another rider on a straight line *smile*. I cant wait to go to the Isle of Man and go down Bray Hill on that bike.

The Big bike I have been struggling to get to handle. It is shaking on the quick straights as soon as there is some uneven surfaces and its almost as it takes the handlebars out of my hands. It has gotten a little bit better but again, we have had no proper practices to really dial it in for the NW200. There is a few ideas that the team has to solve the problem and I feel confident that they will.

I had a couple of good dices out on the track before I was forced to take the escape road in the 600 race, which really hampered the result,  but as I said it felt good. The 1000 cc I got a 17th place I think??? Haven’t looked into it but felt quite all right considering the little time on the bike and the problems I had on it. But again, it’s all a build up to THE RACE.      

Now we are sitting in Belfast Airport and waiting for the ride home. And to be honest I feel for once great about returning back home.

Have plenty of stuff to take care of work vise tomorrow and also need to sort out some car stuff. Next on the agenda is also to book my flights to the Isle of Man and maybe I will go to the Monaco GP next weekend for some real racing F1, Maybe Bernie should ask for some tips from Merwyn on how to run a real event …….. YEAH!!!! RIGHT!!!! Hopefully we will see the Ferraris back on form.  

So until next time.

Cha Cha


News 090513

First practice at the NW200.

Dear all.
Finally the season is on the way. Got to the NW 200 on Monday and it was sparkling sunshine and everything just worked out great. We live in an awesome apartment by the sea and the Blackhorse Yamaha team is just as great as they could be.

The bikes were in mint condition and I just took an hour to get the final touches of the sponsors logo on it. Then naturally the organizers pissed as about with the car they were suppose to arrange, but that’s a different and expected story. Lost was almost runned over by a buss on the first day, he looked left when crossing the roads… But he said he had about 2 inches to the buss… Next day he dropped his precious IPhone and it broke… The story goes on and on… But he has been an excellent chef and I think the whole team is really enjoying his presence.  

First practice got underway with me on the Superbike. And when I came to the long straight it started shaking like mad… lost my hands of the handlebars and I was expecting a pretty big moment… But saved it, this continued for the first two laps whenever I got on a longer straight and up to speed. It was really unpleasant and quite worrying. After I pitted and the mechanics did some alterations it got a bit better but still it was really shaking. And when you are doing 300km/h it’s not what you need. Got in and switched to my R6, and the first laps was ackward, since I don’t ride bikes it’s quite hard for me to adapt at once.

But slowly I got up to a good speed and even if I took it really nice and tidy I got up to 16th place and lapped quicker then I ever did on that piece of **** I rode last year. So I wasn´t really concerned. Went in to take on fuel for a 2 lapper and set my qualiy time. And got out and had a great opening of the flyer only to get met by waved yellows at station corner (Flat in 6th gear) SH*T!!! After the corner I came up to one of the most horrific scenes possible. One rider had come off into the trees in full speed. And I think I leave it at that. Just wish all the best to him and his family.

Once in the pit I wasn’t that happy since I thought I’d been a bit careful, but turned out I qualified in 16th spot for the 600 race, which was a big surprise. But again the bike had a pull that I have never experienced before and I wasn’t loosing out on the straights. The big bike I hope get sorted otherwise I will focus on the 600.

I did have the 22nd time in the Superbike class.
I am waiting for the arrival of my new painted Shoei Helmets, by Sean Egan.  

Ians 600 only got half a lap before it went broken… But he will chuck a new engine in it for tomorrows practice. I think he qualified 7th on the big bike.  

Today me and Lost are in Belfast for some shopping and get away from the racing world time. So far, we are a couple of shoes poorer *smile*. 

Also have to say that Andreas Jonsson got a great 3rd place at the Polish Speedway GP last weekend so we are proud of that.  

C U Later

News 2009-05-01

Speedway GP, horses and season in full motion.

I hope you are well and that you have had a great time since my last update.

Just have to say that Speedway is a proper good event to watch. Its close racing, intense and short bursts of action.

After my trip to Prague I have decided to at least attend to 2 more GP’s this year, hopefully I can go to Cardiff which is supposed to be the best event. As for my friend and racer Andreas Jonsson he finished the GP in 6th place. He was riding really well and had good speed (quickest heat) but he choose the wrong gate in the Semi and got stuck in some material. But, it looks promising and I think he will come out on top soon.

I had a great time and my all access pass took me to the inner sanctum of speedway *smile*. All of a sudden I was inside the lounge of the Lady, Red, blue, white and yellow. Further on (and naturally a lot more important) I met some really interesting people that we are now looking into the possibility of doing some business together.  That’s the best thing, to mix pleasure with business. And I am at the moment busy in setting up a pretty exciting Sponsor for myself and the team hopefully. It’s not a done deal yet but I think I will get it off the ground shortly. And it could be a proper good one. Let’s wait and see. Of course if we do get it, it’s only down to luck… as always *smile*. I am also waiting for the final team clothing to come out of the press, Team posters on its way, New Shoei Helmets have been delivered to the talented Mr Sean Egan to do his magic on.  

As I have heard the Roadracing season has started and the drama is once again away. And its not long to go until we (myself and Lost) will travel to N.ireland for the NW200 race. So I am just trying to get some massive amount of work done before I leave and then a few days after I will again go to my favorite race in the world Isle of Man TT. Nothing compares to it and without that race I wouldn’t be riding a bike. It is the sole reason for me being on a bike.  

I have loads of meetings and work to be done this coming week but it all worked into my plan of going to watch Metallica play for the canceled concert a couple of weeks ago in Stockholm. So I have 5 different meetings in Stockholm during Monday and Tuesday + a Metallica concert. Not too bad *smile*.  

We have also done another Aircode installation within a professional horse jumpers stable’s and the results are just phenomenal. So I think we will have some more work coming in from the Horse sector shortly. This is our 4th installation within stables and they all are crazy in love with the system. Again, naturally only luck played it’s part as the same for all the other business sectors as well.  

That’s about it for this time. Oh, yes, I am going to see two old friends this weekend that I haven’t seen for 14 years, and back then we were quite a Hooligan crew, but after speaking to them the other day it seems like at least one of them has calmed down and now run his own company and got a family. As for the other, he is still the mad Joker, not a dull moment. So instead of causing Mayhem and disorder we will just go out and have dinner… How life changes…  

I also wish Christian Nilsson all the best in his Supermoto Championship opener tomorrow all the best. If I have time I will take the Speedy car and haul over to watch the race.

Finally a big thank you to Jo for sorting out all sorts of things for me to simplify my presence and appearance this year *smile*. What a world of difference from what I am used to… 

Stay well and be all you can be…


News 2009-04-25 (Time 00:18 AM)

Golf, work and Speedway GP in Prague.

Greetings all motor fans.
I hope all is well and that you have had a great Easter and all that *smile*.

First of all I just have to say that the day that would never come has arrived. I have played Golf!!! No, I did not wear any silly looking hats, shoes and silly looking hats. I had my usual humble outfit and it was not more serious than I did a few “buckets” on a driving range. But, according to my phenomenal teacher Peter, I was gifted. I did a 125 meter shot with the iron 7. And hit the ball more or less every time… OK maybe not all the time but very oftenly *smile*. Strangely Peter mentioned on a few occasion that I was using too much power instead of technique…  

Part from the Golfing I took my mother out for a Easter Lunch and we had a good time. Also meet a few other extremely friendly people that shared my enthusiasm for cars.

Then the next day me and Peter + girlfriend and Lost and his girlfriends son Lukas went for a Easter brunch in an old mansion. That was very good and I think the highlight was when I got Lukas to throw an onion towards Peters head, but Peter knew what was coming and quickly moved the head. Of course we explained that it is terrible wrong to throw things at people but its ok if they are in on it. No matter how good the brunch really was I think we got proper screwed on it since it was 159 Euros for 4+1. Or Maybe I am just getting old and grumpy.  

The reason why I was starting writing was because I am sitting in my hotel in Prague after have flown down today to watch the Speedway GP together with my friend Andreas Jonsson, that I think has a reasonable chance to win this year. He won the last race of last year so I think he is in good mood for the upcoming season. So after we'd been picked up by our driver at the airport we went straight to the stadium and got acquainted with the team and competitors. His mechanics are: Dudi and Sebas. Really nice guys and professionals. Then I met Andreas'es left hand. David or as I now call him Frankovich. What a genuine nice guy this is… An easy going family man and highly successful businessman. He is top class, and he is funny too…

First practices went away and this is so different from anything I am used to. Just short bursts of training sessions and then adjust clutch, engine and sprockets. Its almost ridiculous how easy a Speedway bike is built, but still there is so many variables that needs to be spot on. And in this sport sometimes you don’t even want the best or strongest engine… Go figure …

In the end I think it went ok for Andreas and he seems to be relaxed enough. Which I think is what matters for him. He is as quick as any other out there and he just need to get into the zone.  

In the evening me, Andreas and Frankovich went to an Argentinean steakhouse. Huge portion, awesome meat but horrible staff. Sulky and grumpy farts.

Then we had a look around in the close by shopping mall and annoyed some of the less than happy shop managers. And as an early round of to the night we arranged a small party for Sebas that just turned 25.  

More about that some other time.

Tomorrow we will have an interesting day, I'm going sightseeing in the morning and then we will get dressed for success.  

All the very best and stay well.
From Prague, Over and out!


News 2009-04-12

Testing at Darley Moor and springtime.  

Dear All, I hope all is well and that you have had the same great weather as we have had in Sweden the last few days. Sunshine and up to 18 degrees Celsius. Which is far more than we are used to.  

Since the last time I wrote to you I have been over in UK one more time to do another test. That’s right! A proper bike test again. I am riding so much motorcycle these days I almost feel like a pro *smile*. 3 days bike riding is more practice than I have done in the last 2 years. So this naturally means I am in the best bike shape ever! I guess!

After flying over to Birmingham and being picked up by Woody we just had a great Chinese food and chilled out. Early next morning me, Woody and our little friend Louis was on our way to Darley Moor race track about 45 minutes away from Birmingham. Once at the track we saw the Blackhorse Finance Yamaha truck and 3 bikes lined up in the back of it. And, it was sunshine, which has to be a good sign as well. Even if it was extremely windy it was sunny.

Went up and said good morning and had a cup of coffee. Also met Mr Cummins for the first time. He was ace and a real nice bloke. Tomorrow he is out in the first race at Brands Hatch and I wish him all the best. He was riding his Superstock and getting it ready for the premier.

At the test was also the AIM Yamaha Superbike that Ian is riding. But also, for the first time I meet the Yamaha Supersport bike, which is Ians, since mine is being built at the moment. So I was scheduled to get on the Supersport and get to know the sister bike. Also present was the Wilbers Suspension Boys, a trio of nice and knowledgeable lads.

Since Ian was also riding the Supersport we had to share, and I found the front end a bit to soft for me since I used all the travel all the time, But again. I got some serious laps done and after a while I didn’t want to stop riding. It felt really good an I started to push a little bit and I followed Connor for a good 10-12 laps. And in the end they had to wave me in to stop me from riding *smile*.

We also took all the photos for the team and promotion stuff. We had a funny photographer on site and he was a good joker as well. Team Clothing was delivered and handed out. Sweet stuff!

So after a nice and productive testing day we left Darly moor on a high, the only downside is that after I have ridden I can’t walk. I look like I am 125 years old and limping like lame. Louis had paid attention to loads of stuff and he was as bright as ever in his comments and conversation on the way back home. Sometimes you forget he is just a kid. I think he is more leveled than some of my older friends.

Once back to Tamworth we went out for a great dinner and its not often I brag about UK food but this was a good one. The next day was as eventful and since I spent it with Louis, Di and Becky. We played bowling!!! And I couldn’t support my own weight on my knee so I falled over when I “tossed” the first ball. Which I am sure looked really funny, but it actually did hurt and got me thinking. We also played games and went and saw Monsters VS Aliens. Great movie!

I flew back home the same day and after a close encounter with a complete rude idiot in the airport garage I was back home before the clock was 23.  

As for easter I actually spent it taking my mum out for a late lunch and then also went to see a couple of friends. Saturday we had brunch in an old Mansion outside my home town and it was mega, great food by the lake and sunshine. Lost was there and proved to be a hand step in dad to Lukas. My friend and business-friend Peter and better half was there as well. It was the a proper expensive brunch but it was great and I was happy to pay. I think we just started a tradition *smile*.

Sunday, was just a hour of training on the cross-trainer and a late evening walk in the forest and the had a nice espresso in the sun on my veranda watching the sun go down.  

That’s it folks.

Rock on and don’t wait to do something… It might be too late then. 



News 090323

Testing, Spain and almost arrested.

Dear All,
I hope all is well and that you are starting to see the end of the tunnel after a long winter, it is actually starting to be spring. And finally the bikes are being pushed out and the pre season testing is in full bloom.

And even for the Troubleman it was time to swing a leg over the Blackhorse Finance Yamahas. The test that took place in Valencia was arranged by Dunlop and there was plenty of teams and riders there. Even 3 of Swedens Superbikes aces was there, including the Champ Pappunen, Lundh and Mårtenzon. We were blessed with tremendous weather and about 19 degrees during both days. I had my sidekick Lost with me and we flew down to Barcelona to pick up our rental car at the airport. Its funny with Lost because the first thing he asks when hiring a car is. How much is the insurance fee if something happens with the car!? It sure gives a hint that its often things go WRONG for him.

Anyway, we loaded our stuff in the Mercedes A class also known as the Monkey ambulance and roared down the highway. In the beginning the car was just breaking the 165 Km/h mark but after being pushed for 1 hour it was reaching the 180’s. Having been on this road before I knew that the food sucked and I said to Lost that was getting really hungry that the best is McDonalds. Normally I am not a fan of the golden seagull but knowing the options I preferred that.  But Lost objected and wanted to take the alternative. We stopped and ate what is now know as the worst pasta and chicken ever. Not even a starving Wolf would have eaten this cr*p. It was just uneatable and Lost got a stomach ache a few hours later.

It took us about 2 hours to reach Valencia, and after a few “pitstop” we found the motel and the track. We took a coffee and awaited the arrival of Ian, Jo and Kevin. They showed up just a few minutes later. They were in good spirit and after a while Norman showed up as well. Me and Lost went in to Valencia to check out the carnival, and we found a great parking space just in the middle of a pedestrian crossing. It was hundreds of thousand people out walking the streets. We grew tired of that quite quick and went back for a Chinese dinner with the others.

The next day we headed to the track and got dressed up. I started by taking the R6 out and tried to find out which way the next turn went. I changed bike a few time from the R6 to the R1 superbike and the Superstock and it became quite clear to me that my knee wasn’t in great shape. We had William Dunlop sharing our box but sadly he came of at one of the quicker bits of the circuit, but thankfully he was ok. The bike however looked well used. Since my crash in Frohburg my knee have been a problem and I think I made it worse in racing in Frohburg after taken that hit on the knee during qualifying. And it just was a pain in the a**e.

However, too look at it from the brighter side Valencia is a really twisty circuit and you hang out all the time which is causing the biggest problem for me. So I think we will be in great shape for the NW and the TT. Actually after the first day the pain was so bad I thought this was it. But after 2 days of great track time ( I think I did almost 115 laps together) it felt really comforting. I had not been tired or getting any armpump which is normally the case in the beginning of the season. The Yamahas feels really solid and even though the R6 had a standard engine in it, it  felt great, really nimble to handle and the Dunlops really grip well so I was excited. Now I will just mend my knee and shoulder in the best way with some professional help and get the most physio done on it and we will be ready to rock in no time. We also tried a new Supplements companies energy and protein liquids. And they were awesome, even after 60 laps in the heat both myself and Ian were feeling hyper. We were both a bit sceptic about it in the beginning but the CNP Products really delivered.

After the last day me and Lost said goodbye to the Team, and headed up to Barcelona. To try and find a nice hotel and a PROPER restaurant. When we came into Barcelona I was almost arrested by this shouting military police that was acting completely mad and just screamed in Spanish, I tried to explain that I didn’t understood and it really didn’t matter how much she yelled at me. Of course I didn’t know that we were trying to par in a royal residence private parking space *smile*. Lost laughed his socks of and tried to take pictures with his Iphone and this was not appreciated by the to MP’S.

We found a great hotel in the middle of La Rambla and out we went. But the restaurant at the cathedral square was a complete disgusting experience and Lost who had dreamt of a good Paella almost  puked. Then after being half molested and attacked by some of the Hard working Prostitute at La Rambla we decided to go to bed.

The next day we took a 2 hour walk by the seaside and it was great. Just as we were getting to the airports drive in all of a sudden the hub came of the rim from a car 2 rows ahead, and naturally it came down… Straight on our Monkey ambulance. Just a mile away from the rental return. Go figure!

What else is happening. My company is also sponsoring a few persons and organization for the year. Andreas Jonsson in his attempt to become World Champion in Speedway. Go to and find out more about Andreas and his efforts. Supermoto freak, Christian Nilsson who I think will win the Swedish Championship this year. Follow him on

We are also supporting Sweden home and school department for zero tolerance towards drugs. We are helping them to provide sufficient amount of education about drugs and its downside to young students. We will actually support the Swedish drug enforcement agency as well.  

That’s about it. Keep well and make sure you have a good time.  


News 2009-02-25 

Work, Sponsors, UK and Spain.  

Dear all.
Yes, I know it’s been a while but better late than never *smile*.

It’s been a couple of hectic weeks with a lot of things happening within my companies and there is just loads of work and people to deal with. Saying that, one of my companies has had its best start of the year ever and I think we are in for what could be a tremendous year. Having a couple of new distributors around the world is not a bad start to the year either. I might also be restructuring an old company into something new and really exciting thing so while all you racing pros is out testing and fine tuning I am cranked over my computer and running in and out of airports like never before. Let’s see what the best build up is J. I have always said that if I ride too much on the bikes I will grow tired of them. But as I have done in the past, just turned up and thrown my leg over a complete new bike at the start of Isle of Man or NW200 may not have been ideal. And I don’t think I am overstating that. 

Therefore, it was hard to accept that Yamaha had cancelled the test that myself and Yamaha Blackhorse Team was scheduled for. That’s why I was overexcited when I got the email from Ian Lougher that he had sorted out a 2 day test in Valencia in the middle of March. So with those 2 days of testing I am coming into this season well better than before I reckon and with the right atmosphere around, I Just can’t wait to go to the TT. Since I never ride bikes at home I will just use the 2 days to try and do as much laps as possible to get my riding dialed in, since I know that when out on the Mountain course I just feel at home.   

I have gone into a strict training regime and I am actually starting to see the progress of that since I think I can use the next hole in my belt and the worst of my double chin is finally decreasing, not easy to be a chubby built character in this posh world of motorcycles. So now I even fit in my Paul Phillips and Armani suits again. However I hope that I fit in my new Joe Rocket Suits as well, that could be at least twice as important.

On the Sponsor side it looks good as well. I just picked up a new sponsor yesterday and I will inform you about it really soon. With some persuading I might even get a new US based company in for the ride. I am also looking to receive good sponsorship from one of my old sponsors, but he is currently on Holiday so I will wait until next week to claim that “small” company as well. And of course Aircode and Troubleman will again make sure that I get some descent dineros towards my effort. 

After a eventful last week at work I packed my bags and went to UK for both business and pleasure. I also went up to the charity evening in Oswestry arranged by Phil Morris. And it was all well arranged and apparently they collected over £15 000 that night which is a good evenings work. I also had the pleasure to run in to my old and dear friend Clem Davies. With him was also the happy personalities of Tom and Bridget Dickie. I also met and handed over some Troubleman stuff to the lovely Dorans. 3 generations of Cool ladies *smile*.

Well, in UK I was again in the Birmingham area and since Woody is really struggling to get to the gym, I started running every day. (Yes, despite my trashed knee) I couldn’t just sit still and not do any training so I went out and did my exercise. Even though my knee hurts it feel good to be running. You are on your own with time to think and it’s just you and the road. I like it and I don’t think there is any cardio exercise that is better and gives you that satisfaction. 

After spending the weekend in UK I went along with Woody and Di to Spain. Di´s parents has a beautiful 2 story house just outside Alicante. I had my own bedroom and a gorgeous bathroom all done and built by Di’s father. The weather was just as good 18 degrees and sunshine until I was heading back home on Wednesday, so by then I really didn’t bother. Both day I did my good 45 minutes running on the ever facing up hills I found, and at the first day Di was kind enough to go with me on a pushbike. And I was more scared she was going to fall over and down into the ditch then anything else *smile*. She blamed the poorly back tire! Ha ha ha… we had fun though and the running was really easy, part that I had new shoes and they were given me blisters big as pancakes… at least!!! 

Now, I am back home after a horrible delayed flight schedule and naturally it is pissing down outside and only 1 degree. Should have stayed in Spain.

Ohhh…. Bought a book at the airport. Business Stripped Bare, by my Idol. Sir R. Branson. He is something special and the only person to manage to built 8!!! Multi billon dollars company from scratch in complete different sectors. That beats most of anything I think.  

Sleep well!

News 2009-01-26

Birmingham, expo and a stinky horse ride.  

Dear all, I hope you have had a great beginning of the year. I sure have had my work cut out for myself. They say it’s a recession but I haven’t felt it yet anyway, knock on wood. We have had our busiest January ever, and that’s good. No way would I complain about having a lot to do.

After Christmas, that I spent together with my friend Anders and Sanna it has been loads of things happening. Christmas was really quiet and we spent a couple of hours walking the dog and actually did some training in the morning. Just like a Christmas should be spent. And since Anders has his own motocross track in his park I have decided I will go up to him when the weather permits and ride as much as I can just for the fun and to get the exercise.  

Last week I spent with my friend in Birmingham, had a really nice and relaxed time. Actually spent some of the time at the stables. Yeah… Stables. I have a new friend named Charlie. Woodys girlfriend Di and her friend is well into their horses. And me and Woody naturally had to go and check this out. Also for the sake of giving the stable owner the great benefit of the Aircode units *smile*. But after being promoted to a horse jump builder I wanted to have a go as well. So I jumped on Charlie in my, let’s just say “not riding clothes”. But it was awesome. And I took Charlie out for a spin completely on my own. And imagine that we never came close to bailing out *smile*. I think Woody felt the pressure and just had to get on Charlie as well. However he looks more at home on a bike than on a horse.

The next day we spent on fixing little bits and bobs to a site were you soon will be able to order all sorts of cool stuff for bikes, scooters and clothes.

We also went to the Expo show on Sunday to meet with some different people. It was good to see some familiar faces. Maria Costello was working in the Bearing stand so we naturally went to disturb her as much as we could *smile*. It was good to see her and she was being kept busy with people asking about clothes and her Triumph that is up for sale. I tried to sell it to a HEAVEY 60 year old for 3 000£ but he insisted it was his wife that wouldn’t allow him. Yeah right.

Also stepped into Emelie, dark haired stunner from Maxxis. She was happy, but seemed to be a bit boored by just handing out tyre tread cards. Can’t blame her. And did see the Phase One bike and was planning to steal their tank filler (if I would have seen it) since they haven’t still delivered that to me. But hey, I only bought the tank and filler 12 months ago. Delivery is slow from UK I guess ...

On Monday me and Di went for shopping at the mailbox in Birmingham and we had a great time in the Armani store. Especially when I answered their phone, the girl at the counter almost s**t herself. She was busy and the phone rang so I asked if I should answer, she said right, so I did. We had a blast with the staff and I think they will remember that Monday for quite sometime.

I also bought Di a handbag, because she always makes good pasta and wash my clothes when I am visiting Woody and her. I was in a really good mood and I was looking forward to my meeting with Ian and Jo later in the day, so I bought a perfume to Di’s friend (the other horse freak). Just to be nice. But later I heard that everyone didn’t appreciated it *smile*. Sorry! Ehhh… maybe not that sorry.            

Well as you know by now I will be riding for the Yamaha Blackhorse Finance team and I cant tell you how much I am looking forward to do so. So when I met Ian and Jo at the Blackhorse finance stand at the Expo it felt like the season starts here. And we took a ride to the Bike museum to meet the great importer for Joe Rocket leathers to fit me in some nice race suits. And he was as cool as could be. And after a whiles huffing and puffing I found what would be my size. Even though I will lose about 4-5 kilos until May I think the size will do. Joe Rockets Gloves is just what you are looking for… soft and slim and doesn’t feel like a working glove. Great stuff. Also stepped into Mr Plater from Dunlop. He was in a good mood as well.

After this fitting and a couple of Forrest Gump imitations we went for a coffee at the expo and just sat down and ironed out a few more thing. We also talked about this and that. But when we said good bye: I had… A SOOOOOOO- OOOOPERBAJK… that’s right. I will ride Ian’s last year’s R1 Superbike. And even with this we are not even touching half the P*****t Budget.

Flipping hell, this Ian is a straight up guy. So I will be wresting the Yamaha Blackhorse finance R1 down Bray hill. Unreal. Naturally it will be a learning year but it will be awesome.

After this I flew home and woke up the next day and felt like a million bucks! *smile*

I would also like to remind you guys that sent email the last weeks, please resend them since we have had BIG ISSUES with our server and computer.  

Stay well and be great! 

/Troubleman up on the hill

Me and Charlie

News 2008-12-19

Team Blackhorse Yamaha Press Release

Mats Nilsson is the latest name to join the Team Blackhorse Yamaha line-up for the 2009 season.

The 33 year old Swede will ride for the team at the North-West 200, the Isle of Man TT and the Ulster Grand Prix, as well as taking his place on the grid at the two big meetings at Olivers Mount, Scarborough, the Cock O' the North in July and the Steve Henshaw International Gold Cup in September.

At his disposal will be the Team Blackhorse Yamaha 2009 R1 Superstock machine for the Superstock class and selective Superbike races whilst he will contest the Supersport races and the Junior TT on the team's R6 Supersport 600.

A trip to Frohburg is also pencilled in, as is the obligatory pre-season testing early in the new year.

Team Manager Ian Lougher:
"A key philosophy of Team Blackhorse Yamaha is to encourage and support up and coming riders, and Mats Nilsson fits the bill perfectly.
Mats possesses the qualities that make a great team member, namely a willingness to learn and adapt to new ideas and challenges, combined with an enjoyment of racing which belies a fierce determination to succeed.
Everyone at Team Blackhorse Yamaha will give him 100% support to achieve this success."

Mats Nilsson:
"It is no secret that my racing ambition is to win at the Isle of Man TT and to do that you need to be surrounded by a team that has the motivation, skill and desire to see you through to the top and for this reason I am delighted to be riding for Team Blackhorse Yamaha.

With the Team Blackhorse Yamaha 2009 package, I am sure that my first TT results in 2008 will be very much improved and in Ian Lougher (8 times winner at the TT, 8 times winner at the NW200, 13 Ulster Grand Prix wins, over 114 wins at Scarborough and much, much more) I’ll be riding alongside the current most experienced road racer in the world, this can only serve to make 2009 a season to remember."

Press Release Ends

News 2008-12-14

Ice skating, Lucia and my own salvation for the 09 season with Blackhorse Finance Yamaha Team

Greetings to you all.
I hope your week has been as awesome as mine. I have actually for the first time in a very long time had a quite cool week and weekend and I might as well write about it before something more ordinary boring happens.

First out was my first visit to a church for a long long time. My friend Christian and his family was going to see their daughter participate in the local school Lucia celebration. I was just passing by and they invited me to join in. Naturally I accepted since Jennifer and Erik are some of the best kids in the world. We got to the church and even though I thought the church was going to explode on my entry it stood the test of its life time… And as this train of kids from 6-12 year old marched in singing… all draped in the candlelight etc etc…  I have to admit… I was a little bit moved… It was good fun and after church it was this coffee and lottery thing at the schools lunch room. We bought loads and loads of tickets at my table and naturally we won, mostly candy which Erik was quick to collect *smile*.

Second, business has just been rolling on in a nice pace and I have met some of my great co workers, distributors and customers so I can´t complain about that, had also time to go and see an extremely talented sports doctor that examined my right knee, which have been in a pretty bad shape since my excursion at Frohburg. It was basically down to me to choose if I want to operate it or not. Without knowing the English terms for the parts that are crap it is possible to do a surgery and trim it up and drill it (not the doctors way of putting it but anyway). He also said its possible to fix it later but that the pain will most likely increase the longer I wait. But the good news was that the best way of keeping it at its best is exercise. So that made my mind up. Lets just focus on the racing bit this coming 10 months ahead.

Third, Highsider magazine hit the shelves. So all you Swedish racing interested people should make it to the stores and get yourselves a copy of Swedens best Roadracing magazine. That is also rounded up by my own column were I throw a punch or two. It covers most of a full year of Swedish roadracing and the magazine is just ace. You can order it as well on .

Friday was the time for me being the good host to my employees and take them +1 out for dinner. So I did and had a great time with good food and company. But, Fridays aren´t very good for me any more since I get extremely tired early (I guess its an age thing) so it wasn’t late, but it was good. I have good and friendly people working with me. I hope next time that some of our distributors and other related to our business can join in.

On Saturday I was up early and did an hour on my bike in front of the tv, (actually it was the dvd that played Ramstein concert). Later that evening my friend Magnus and myself met up with my secretary and her friend to do some ice skating, Yes! Ice skating. First time on an ice for over 17 years… imagine that. But it all went well and that was a great exercise. We kept it up for one hour and I felt good on the ice, but then when you see my Secretary (who used to be top 10 in Sweden in figure skating) your own performance comes into perspective. Well well, I was hooked and I think I am going to get to the ice frequently to use it as a good exercise for my legs.

However, all this was shadowed by the best thing that happened this week. I closed the deal with Team Blackhorse Yamaha for the road season -09. HIP HIP HOOORAY!!! Its with great delight and it feels exiting to move into the next season with this already done and dusted.

Met up with Ian and Jo at the NEC were we had a quality talk and outlined what would be possible, then after a couple of more emails back and forth … here we are. To work with an experienced person like Mr Lougher feels great and I am sure happy to be back with Yamaha, which I rode last time in -07 when we became Scandinavian Endurance champions. I started to talk to Ian at the Southern 100 last year and we have been back and forth since and I feel like he and the whole team is exactly what I need to get  the last years disappointment behind me.

It feels reassuring that I will again use the Dunlop tyres on both the Supersport and the Superstock bike. Hopefully I will be able to feed on Ians experience and I do believe he is more help full than others since he is just not only a racer but also a team manager that wants the best for the entire team. We are also set to go testing, which will be a new feature for me… normally I see the bike I will race 1 hour before the first practice so this will mean that I have a little bit feel for the bikes come raceday. I can’t wait for May to show up on my doorstep.

To all you other that have tried and took time to make me an offer. I want to say, thank you very much for the trust and faith shown, and I do hope to see you all soon. It was a matter of picking and I do feel that I have made the right choice.

I wish you all a very prosperous and good week.

Yours in sport


News 2008 12 01

Monday again and already the 1st of December. Just sitting in my Hotel Lobby in Cannes waiting for my friends to join in for breakfast. Normally the weather on the Riviera is good but naturally this weekend = Monsoon rain all through.

So between the business meeting there have been mostly shopping and eating. Neither of them is really good as a build up for the 2009 season. But, today on the first of December my new training program starts and I will be back in shape as march knocks on the doorstep.

This week has by the way been full of rain and travelling. I began the week by going to London and then went up to Birmingham to participate at the TT riders dinner at the Bike Museum. That was interesting and I met a lot of nice and interesting people. First to show up were Clem, Tom and Bridget. I met the lovely 2 Iron Ladies from the Doran Clan. Then I sat at the same table as Milky, John Barton, Nick Jefferies and Gary Johnson. And right next to me sat a gentlemen that advised me to get an entry for the electric bike race at next years TT. So I will look into that. But the highlight of the evening was when Neil Tuxworth made his speech. Good fun. Ran into Tony Jefferies + I met with one team boss later that evening about next year. So we all got to wait and see what comes out of it.

I also spend a couple of hours by running around with Woody new sideproject. Variators for scooters. And I have actually seen a Scooter on a dyno been reved to the nuts cracking limit. Looked really funny, but after the installation of this variator the little scooter gained 6 MPH on top end speed. The BHP turnout was a mega 3,72. Stunning *smile*. But it was good fun and Neil who owns the MPH Garage laughed as much as I did.

I also met Lewis, a young bright 8 year old kid who is a bright spark in the dark. That kid has so much common sense and social skills it will be extremely interesting to see his progress.

The boring part of it all was that I had to get up at 0400 to go to Heathrow to be able to catch my flight back to Sweden and then jump n the next plane to come here (Cannes). But we are starting a new week today with lots of new challenges ahead *smile*.  So I will keep you posted on any news and I wish you all a great week.

Troubled regards
/ Troubleman


News 2008-11-23 

Good evening.
I hope you are well and that the Dark Scary November hasn’t been too though on you.

Personally I just hate November. And just to make things worse, it has been snowing… and its cold which doesn’t help the sore and bruised body.

Anyway, tomorrow morning I am leaving for UK, part business but foremost I will attend the TT riders dinner on Wednesday. My good friend Clem told me to get my act together and call Francise about a ticket. So I did and she took care of the rest. So know I will make my way back to the Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, a place I went to 2005 and told the lady in the reception that I will one day ride in the TT. She replied, please be careful. Of course!, was the natural reply, so if you wonder why I take it careful, that’s the reason why… A promise is a promise.  

I will also have the privilege to meet up with my friend Woody so I can catch up with him, see what he is up to. He is probably busy fiddling with one of his bikes… And most likely he will have bought a pair of new ones and traded them and then got his hands on some other “better” bike.

I am also hoping to meet up with some of my “objectives” for next year, there is nothing really done but I hope to be able to get clearance from the doctors so I can commit to next season, its been up and down for too long and I really would like to focus on the season in hand. I actually thought it was game over, but… we are still at it and once everything falls to place it will be a fantastic season, better than ever!

The Troubleman TT 2009 racing calendar is going well and I would like to say thank you for all the support that I am receiving, means a lot.

Having now settled down a little bit in my new house, I am really starting to like it, its nice to be able to lock the door and don’t have to be trapped in the center of town with all the noise and people around you. I have a fantastic view, and in the morning when the sun goes up and the landscape is covered with frost or snow… not even Troubleman can dislike the snow or frost then :) And I found a couple of relly old CD´s, so now I am listening to Steve Lukather, Chicago and Tony Carey.   

And, the day I thought never would come has arrived… I bought a safari car… They call it SUV… and I always disliked them… and I always told Lost that there are no wild animal trips in Sweden… But now I guess he can taunt me back… As soon as he gets out of the toxic wasteland down south :) However, I have to say that the best thing with it is: I can get in and out of it without painfully have to bend my back, knee nor do I have to turn and twist myself in and out when I am getting out of it.  So, so far I am happy, part from that its turns and rides like a Semi Lorry.   

Svenne AKA: Snick Snack brought the Macau GP race over, and I tried desperate to watch the whole race but I Fast forwarded most of it. It wasn’t really an exciting race to watch but I am sure it would have been great to ride it :)
Do I sound bitter? HELL YES. Not a lot have gone my way lately. So I am turning in to a grumpy old fart in supersonic speed. But, it might all change sooner than you think…

Oh, I have to go to frog eating capitol of the world this week as well… anybody want to change?

I hope I can arrange for a holiday in warmer weather during Christmas… Anybody wants to join? No f**king Christmas tree and ridiculous sentimental thoughts of gifts and fat food. E-mail: with the header: No Christmas tree in our house!

Stay well and rush into everything, it is more exciting that way!

Nice pic? Me in my prime!

/ T-man



News 2008-11-03 

I have to say that last weeks hasn’t been very good, despite having just moved in to a new house and that work is really well, it still feels empty and grey. The fact that we are moving into November, a month that really drags me down and every year it’s like a ton of bricks hits you in the head.

My knee and my pinky finger isn’t making it better either, after exercising quite hard to get back in shape I might just have strained the knee too much and it went all swollen and sore again this weekend. I was scheduled and really looking forward to go to NZ and do some racing over Christmas but that opportunity shit itself into a thousand pieces. Enough said.  

So when I thought that my life couldn’t be any worse the reality hit again. Scuderia Ferrari F1 team lost the WC by the slightest margin and I was left in my TV room with nothing but darkness. So if you want to get in touch… please wait…

We do expect (but are not sure) to be back in shape at the end of this week.  

All the very sadness


News 2008-10-16

Dear all, hope you are all keeping well and that you are not suffering from the autumn depression. In Sweden the weather is as miserable as the Swedish football team. Rainy, windy and just “greyish”... And you don’t get any more illuminated to be injured either.

I was hoping to get over to the Sunflower Race in N.I this weekend to again climb aboard the Lilley Racing Superbike. But instead I have been to the doctor and been “grounded” due to injuries, it´s especially my right knee that are causing a problem. I am sure it will be alright in a couple of weeks and by then I hope all other injuries will be self mended as well. (Finger, shoulder blade, rib, left shoulder and left knee)

At the moment I am waiting for an answer if I can arrange a ride for a race in New Zeeland in December, I am really looking forward to go to N.Z. I have been in Australia a couple of times but never made it  over to N.Z.

Further on for next year: Sadly I haven’t got all the “deal” points that I have been promised from some of the Teams that I have been promised, made they are still busy with getting themselves organized for next year. But one man have been spoken out and he is the person I would most likely ride for next year, there is no bullshit and he is a straight up guy that I would really enjoy working with. The problem at the moment is that I cant really commit myself to it … YET! It might all be different in a couple of weeks and I will tell you as soon as I sort myself out. The fact that I have to work a lot and can’t be a Racer it makes it complicated.    

More to come on that subject.

What else,
It’s been revealed that one of Al-Qaida’s highest ranking officer have had his residence in Sweden for several years. And that the Swedish police department has been aware of his activity for years. He has been under surveillance for planning several terrorist acts!!! And what did they do to stop him??? Absolutely nothing. Of course, I am sure they have been told to spend the funds on much more important police issues like catching people who drives to fast with their cars. Which has to be a real society problem. Makes you wonder.

Further on: The Troubleman Real Roadracing calendar for 2009 is now available to order. It has 14 great Shots from my weeks at this years TT.  If interested: Email to

I wish you all a  great weekend and hope to see you soon.



News 2008-09-30


Dear all,
I hope all is well and that you have had a great time since my last update.

Just sitting in my office with a cup of tea and finished the day with my maintenance guy, as we had some planning to do. We also have a new employee in the office, Karin. So the last weeks have been a lot of educational work here in the Camp. But she is a real hard worker and pick up all the things very easy, so its really coming around at the moment. The work load is just manageable and there is loads of stuff going on. Which is good, would be worse if it were the opposite scenario.

As I just starting to get over the worst pain from the crash at Ulster and started doing some cardio exercises again I naturally caught a cold and had to lay off the training for a bit. Unfortunately this wasn’t the best set up before the Frohburg race, however. I was just happy to get on Raymond Lilleys Gixxer again, this time around the streets of Frohburg. Germanys version of the TT.

So me and Snick-Snack set sail towards Losts new found home in the south of Sweden (by the way: its located near Swedens biggest toxic waste discover *smile*, so if he turns fluorescent you know why) early on Thursday morning. Then we drove through Denmark and all the way down to Leipzig, without any mishaps or crashes. Quite astonishing really, but the weather was great and we all were on a high note.

The fun part started when I called up Marriot hotel in Leipzig and said I was travelling with 2 Gay friends that really wanted a double room for extra pleasure. I stayed in my own room. After a quick coffee we went to take a sauna and a Jacuzzi, it was brilliant after the long drive that started seven o’clock.       

Later we found a street in Leipzig with only restaurants and the whole street was a dining room underneath these big parasols. We had Wienerschnitzel of course. After that we had an early night. Next day we had breakfast and went out and did some shopping, I found a pair of Puma sneakers that made a tribute to the Scuderia Toro Rossos first F1 victory. Lost and I wanted to improve Snick-Snacks footwear closet but we had no way of convincing him he would look cool in a pair of Vans Hip Hop shoes *smile*.

Later that afternoon we arrived at the track and went to see the “Lilley gang”. Found both them and the bike, and to my big surprise and delight, Andrew had put on the Aircode and the Troubleman logos togetherwith the teams other sponsors: Lilley Electrical, Solitude Motors, AJN Plumbing, Myson, Plumb Rite, Youngs Tuning Yard and Dunlop. So without them and there would be no racing for me. Thanks!

Had a few laps around the track in Losts X6. Seemed fast and fun. First practice went ahead and I took it easy and rode around trying to get used to be back on a bike again, haven’t seen a bike since the Ulster. So as I just started my 4th lap a guy in front of me came of in A spectacular way on one of the fastest section of the track, and as his bike went sky high I had to try avoiding going down on the gravel that had been throwed up in this 5th gear corner. Exciting… The practice was red flagged.

Second practice I only got to the beginning of the 3rd lap, when I went in a little bit too deep in the first corner and I came over the crown in the road and was a little bit too eager on the throttle and the bike spun out…. Crasch, boom and mega bang. The good thing was that the bike was really in one piece. How??? I have no clue, but it was just the right side rearseat the was broken, the crash bobbins had done their work. The bad news was myself. Broken finger, banged up right knee and left shoulder. And my half mended shoulder blade and rib didn’t really agree to this treatment. The good thing was that all of a sudden I didn’t feel the injuries in my left knee from the Ulster crash *smile*. After a couple of hours in hospital I was released and we had them sign a note that I was OK for race day. An early night with loads of pain and bad sleep as a result. The knee was now twice the size and I could feel the liquid inside it coming out in all directions.

After a lay in and a good breakfast I was still skeptical if I could really get on the bike, or crawl in to my new Lookwell Leathers. Never used, never stretched. This was one of the most pain full procedures ever. Trying to get my right knee down that leg…. And once in place I could feel the little metal protector just cutting into my over flooded knee, just were the bruise is biggest. Then there is the small procedure were you have to crawl up and down on the bike when you have to bend your knee. Flipping HELL!!! I rather drink gasoline and piss on a fire than doing this again. After this I had to fit my broken finger into the new Glove! Also a different feeling. But I reckoned that once the race had started the pain would go away… Yeah right… I banged my knee into one of the track markers on the sighting lap. Clever huh!!!

My first flying lap of the qualify had put me 11th on the grid, so when the race started I was desperate to trying to make a few places up to get a tow from some of the quick boys up front, since I didn’t even now the track after my poor number of laps. Got a descent start and made up a few places and as we came to the first quick left kink (flat in 6th) a bump in the road made me loose the left grip of the handlebar. I came a foot out on the grass on the exit and went speedway style for a few meters, my heart were not pounding at this moment, but I saved it and just lost a few places down the back straight that followed. Then I picked off a couple of lads and just tried to stay on the bike. The bike actually made it easier for me since the power in it made it a little bit easier to pass people without having to be forced to be heavy on the brakes, since I couldn’t really hold on to the handlebars that well.

I finished the race in 7th place, not much to write home about but after the circumstances I was just happy to finish. On the cooling down lap I couldn’t even wave to the crowd. I just wanted to get in the car and go home. So we packed up and said bye bye to all helpful people.

On our way back home Losts X6 had a baptism of fire when someone drove by a Police car in 175 KM/h on a 70 KM/H road. And Lost said, maybe we should slow down. When the reply came right back: Or I just speed up instead. We had a perfect jump start and we weren’t giving that up *smile*. The police car were a jeep kind of thing so what the hell. The trip back to Sweden only took 7 hours, which included a food break and a 45 minute ferry trip.

Just want to say that I am so pleased for all the help I have got from Raymond, Andrew, Alistair, David and Eddie Welch that went the extra mile for my sake.


Stay well and be good.


News 2008-09-08

Work, rain, flu and racing at Frohburg.

I hope you are having a great entering into the fall, to be honest I don’t even know when the summer ended and the fall started… It´s just been shit weather and buckets of rain. Well well…

After the last race at Dundrod/Ulster it’s been only work, work and work. And on top of that I just had to go to the friggin Doctor and get some antibiotics for the flu virus that I have attracted ... And again it happened when I was finally getting back to a descent training schedule. I am trying to get the extra kg’s off *smile*.  
And as of a couple of days ago I just got the invitation to Frohburg. Germanys answer to the TT.
It is apparently a good track and a lot of Irish lads go over to do it, so if we get all sorted with Raymond Lilley who again has gone through loads of things to arrange for me to race his Superbike at this event, I can’t more than lift my hat and say THANK YOU ever so much for your efforts and time spent on my racing. So it seems like the Swedish road tour will carry on for at least another stop at this years calendar.
My friend Sven “Snick-Snack” has been of great assistance as well in finalizing this, it´s not that I don’t have the passion to do it, I am just to busy at work dealing with this as well and I really can’t over express my gratitude towards the people helping me out. Lars, or more known as Lost, is now mixed up with family stuff *smile* and he is really ace on that it seems. Seems like I am the only one who doesn’t have any relationship… it’s got to have to do with my bad table manners I suspect.   

I am having some deep thoughts about what I want to do for the next season and I am not really short of options. Just the few days I have got two seriously interesting deals to digest and answer to. I just have to find the time to try and get my head around it and see what way to go, I am also still waiting for another deal to show up on my email… so it’s a little bit exciting at the moment and I guess I have a few decision to make + I have to get this around my work schedule as well which isn’t the easiest thing to do. I sometimes wonder if I would need the racing if it weren’t for my hectic work? Is the racing just a reality escape… or is it a passion… or is it just that flipping TT victory that I want to achieve? Maybe that has shifted to the Ulster GP victory now .LOL!!!

What else…
Was over for the Manx GP a couple of days, but the weather was so miserable I just wanted to go to Spain… Part from seeing all friendly faces: Woody and crew, Eric, Tim, Ryan and crew, Neil, Maria C, Chris, MB and all the Marshalls + all I just forgot to mention but you know how you are anyway so I wont loose sleep over that. Tried to get the marshals the money I donated to them from my prize money, but that is a tough nut to crack it seems. C’mon you guys!!! Get your head out of your ass and chough up! It’s been since beginning of June… I hope you pay interest to the Marshalls association, that’s how it works in the real world.
Want to say thank you to Petes Pix and Gert Meulman for all the great photos, the 2009 calendar and poster will now soon be printed due to your help and assistance.
Also I am in discussion how to make the latest Troubleman Clothing line accessible in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Hope to have news on that as soon as possible.
And a BIG congrats to the Team above Teams: Scuderia Ferrari, how after controversy (naturally) won the Belgian GP. Feels good that the prancing horse is making inroads on the title chase *smile*.
Stiggy Motorsport also had a great weekend when they got their first win in the Supersport World Championship. That is Mega!
I also want to take my time and wish the Swedish ding dong for Football team an extremely speedy recovery from the insanity that they have had surrounding themselves for the last few decades. If we motorcyclists were as bad as they are: there would be carnage and havoc on every racetrack from first lap to finish, but I guess there would be none available to take the checkered flag.

All the very best


News 2008-08-18

Lilleys Superbike


News 2008-08-17

Reflection on Dundrod, cancelled Ulster GP and my first +200Km/h lap

Back from the hedges and barriers at Cochranstown :(
Sitting in the Belfast Airport and reflecting on the last week spent at the Dundrod circuit. After the disappointment on Thursday (a race win and a third place thrown away) Saturday was just the most rainfull day in history. The heavens just opened up and never gave up all through the day, it was insane. And of course the races had to be cancelled. What a shame for the teams, sponsors, riders, spectators and the organizers.

Its just been really sad. A painful excursion into the hedges means I am sore and now mending a cracked rib, stretched knee and a banged up right hand, this was my first crash on the roads and it better be the last as well. 

When I sums it all up I try to see the positive sides of it and there are a few ones:  

- Felt good to ride the Suzukis, the Superbike always gives you that smile across your face when I kick you in the ass and pulls you down a straight in 300Km/H :)
- The crew in both teams were really nice and friendly (Mar-Train Racing and Lilley Racing = Thank You all!!!)
- All the spectators and organizers who made us feel right at home
- Did my first +200 Km/h average lap (almost a 126mph lap on my first flying lap in the dry on slicks on Lilleys superbike)
- The atmosphere despite the rain and weather is just a testament to the spirit in Real Road Racing
- Contact and a extremely lengthy talk with one of the best teams around  was positive so let’s see what pans out from that?
- I will try to get better in setting my suspension up, also pay more attention to that side of the racing, as it has a direct affect on your speed and health :)
- As long as the roads were wet enough for my fully wets, we were top 8 in qualify for the UGP Superbike Race.

I might even try to get an entry in for the Scarborough Gold Cup in September and I do think that I might have a ride for that.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank Lars And Sven also now days known as (Lost and Snick Snack) for coming over and supporting me. They are a breath of fresh air to have around when you get stuck in a blue mood. Also thanks to all other Scandinavians that made the effort to come over and wave me on, all support and best wishes from you makes a big difference.

And when I got a poster of the Man himself delivered of DJ’s old sponsor handed to me that was just the icing on the cake. Thanks Glen!

Wish you all a nice upcoming week and hope to see the Ulster GP next year. Maybe I will see some of you at the Manx GP next week.

Best regards

News 2008-08-16

The extremely fun photo shoot, Monday evening, when John McGuiness was forced into the Icecream van and serving me icecream ...

News 2008-08-14

Efter att ha legat top 8 på en blöt bana under kvalet till Stora Superbike loppet till Ulster GP innan dom flesta gick in för att byta till intermediates däck, då banan torkar upp på noll tid när det blåser, så klarade jag ändå en 16de plats med mina sönderslitna regndäck. Fick sen en möjlighet att gå ut under Superstock kvalet för att prova Superbiken på torrdäck under 2 varv. Åkte genast en 3.35 runda, vilket kändes ganska enkelt trots att det var mycket att vänja sig vid.   

Efter att träningarna enbart har gått i regn så var det torrt till första 600 racet så bad jag teamet ställa om hojen till torrt. Detta gjordes men endast genom att dra åt fjäderförspänningen ett click/varv fram. Kom i väg som 4-5 i starten och plockade genast ett par placeringar och det hela kändes riktigt bra. In i hårnålen övertog jag ledningen, och då jag krossade mållinjen 1/3 varv senare så hade jag dragit ifrån med ca 3 sekunder till 2an. Efter att ha haft en bra första sektor flög jag genom Deersleap på 5ans växel och ner mot Cochranstown corner som är en mellansnabb högerkurva där vi bromsar i stark nerförbacke innan den planar ut och tightar till. Bromsar tidigt och släpper bromsarna tidigt för att den inte skall bottna igenom fram. Men med ingen comp och ingen framfjädring kvar så släpper framhjulet och jag flyger rakt in i höbals barriären som skyddar mot staket och träd. Jag studsar och tumblar runt en stund och landar igen på banan och tror att jag skall bli överkörd, så jag ställer mig upp men det kommer ingen och jag hinner gå åt sidan innan 2an dyker upp. Sargat vänster knä, trolig spricka i revbenet och en något skrotad höger handled får jag sedan lift till depån. Skinnstället är sönderslitet och går inte att köra vidare med. Men jag får låna ett nytt direkt av grannen och hoppar på Superbiken och rullar ut till nästa race, som givetvis hålls i spöregn. Efter en dålig start nere på 15 plats så plockar jag en efter en och går upp p å 3je plats. Tar in på ledarduon men med endast korta heat så kommer jag inte att hinna i fatt dom så jag lägger mig och bevakar min placering in till mål, då jag får en +7 sek skylt så slår jag av på sista varvet och tourar hem.  Tydligen så har min depå personal inte koll på den andra vågen och nu avgörs det om jag blir 3 eller 4 via domarna. Tydligen så har andra vågen släppts för tidigt och istället för 15 sekunders mellanrum så släpptes dom med 12 sekunder och fick på så sätt 3 sekunder förtjänst. Hur eller hur så skäms min depåpersonal värre än en hund som har ätit upp mattes favorit klänning.

Ulster banan är fullständigt fantastisk och en riktig utmaning med en rad hypersnabba svepande sektioner där sekunder kan tjänas eller förloras på minsta misstag.



News 2008-08-11

Ulster GP update

After the obvious delays at Heathrow airport I finally got to Killade late last night. And after a good night sleep it was away to see if I could find the worlds fastest road race track.  

First look at the circuit was as I all of a sudden noticed all the hay bales and 1, 2, and 3 boards. I followed them around until I got to the paddock and full of excitement I carried on for another 2 laps before I pulled over and went to see if I could find my teams. And there we were, at the very first bit of the Paddock was Martrain-racing and Lilley Racing. Went directly to see them and they were all nice and leveled people.

Couldnt really wait to toss my legs over the two Suzukis. One 600 and one Superbike. A few adjustments were made on both to get my touch on them, naturally broader handlebars to suit my motocross style *smile*, part from that we were geling well. First I had Trevor to take me around for a couple of laps in the Fiat (Rental) and then I saw John McG on the side of the road emptying his toilet tanks on his new motorhome which looked absolutely brilliant. I told him to move that piece of shit out of the way and he replied (quick as he is *smile*) “that’s shit” and pointed at the end of the toilet tanks hose. We hooked up later and he showed me his new “rolling home”. It was mega and must have costed a couple of TT victories *smile*. Well he deserved that and then add some. Now he is selling his old (its almost good as new) motorhome for a bargain so get in touch with him if you want to get a proper motorhome for a good price.

He then took me around for a couple of laps as well and gave me some tips and tricks I am hoping I will remember. Because this track is extremely quick and got so many quick corners you need to pick your apex at the exact right second.

At 1900 we had a quick pressconference, three riders were present, John, Hutchy and myself. We had however a hard time hearing inside the tent since the minimoto race on the start/finishing straight were really racing out there and the noise went straight through the marquis wall. Did a extremely fun photo shoot were John was forced into the Icecream van and serving me icecream (while it was monsoon rain falling).

Hopefully the weather will improve until Wednesday when the first practice commence.

Until then


News 2008-08-10

Hope you all had a great weekend and that you had time to watch a lot of intelligent TV-programs and all that important stuff J so that you are ready to rock’n roll when work kicks in tomorrow *smile*.

Sitting and waiting at the Airport for the SAS flight to Heathrow and then finally to Belfast, to compete in the Ulster GP.

I sure do hope that the weather is better in N.Ireland than here, we just been hammered with rain for the last few days like there is no tomorrow.

After a couple of intense weeks at work it will be nice to see the shores of Northern Ireland again, most excited to go and see the UGP racetrack to see what the fuzz is about. I also have loads of work to do while I am over so it’s a mixed trip.

Read a good article in MCM magazine the other day about my TT results and participant in one of the fastest races in the world.

I also wish to give my condolences to Craig Jones close family and friends. For me its always sad when a racer loses his life on whatever kind of track its happening on. RIP

See you at Ulster GP.




News 2008-07-19 

Ulster GP!!! 

Good morning.
Just a short update to let you know that I am Racing the Ulster GP on the 16th of August.

After been close to hanging up the infamous Demon Helmet for a number of reasons but racing is still my ultimate heart beating exercise. After several disappointment and some good motivation from my friend Sven and the Lars together with several other friendly souls that pops the emails and texts to get over the previous disappointments and try to make ends meet.     

Noel Johnston from the Ulster GP have also been absolutely brilliant and I really didn’t want to let him down as well as I don’t want to miss the opportunity to race the fastest Real Road Race in the world.

I will Be racing On 600cc and on Raymond Lileys 1000cc. So its also a chance for me to get a run on a 1000cc which will be a nice practice and long soughed after debut.

I will be back with further information later, but I better go to the gym now.

Oh, me and Lars were at the southern and did some spectating which was cool. Met up with some fun people and I really did enjoy the conversation to Ryan F and his crew. Also found out that Martin Bullocks mums “open cafeteria” at the TT could donate over 1500 Pounds to various organizations that are needed for racing on the island. So top that if you can.

We saw Guy Martin take a phenomenal win at the first Soooooperbike race. And the 600 dash between Ryan and Ian L was just awesome with Ian having the edge at the checkered flag.

“Distress, throw out the dreams which you cru in defence of and pray,
Only, rise if the reason determines you cling for the sake”

Paradise Lost





News 2008-06-25

A short midsummer briefing  

Hope you all had a great midsummer (Swedish terms).

Me and my Side kick Lars went to my friends Castle outside Norrköping in Sweden. I would say its one of the most stunning piece of properties in Sweden. Its magnificent. AND…with its own Supercross track!!! How cool is that *smile*.  We had only been there for 40 minutes when one of my friends Polish workers (that live in stable quarters) decided to take the new truck (2 days old) for a spin. He drove the car straight into a tree… Game on. Maybe I should mention that the idiot had been drinking… And the pile up he created made a road block… Ambulance, Fire department and the Police.

My friend was really amused by all this commotion and I think it was a good thing that there was loads of people at the crash scene when we got there. This is why the drunken Polish person got away with a thrashed knee only… The car was completely banged up and is going to the skip. Needless to say, he was fired on the spot.

2 hours later it was time for the Swedish version of baseball, about 15 people on each team made up a good number and we used the big yard in front of the beautiful property.  6 hits later one of the hiters slips with the bat and hits…. Jesper (the hostess dog) in the head. Jesper is a tough dog but this is just too much and he falls to the ground after 4 seconds, stiff as a stick.

There the party died I replied, before running in to the kitchen to get some cool/wet towels. The dog is hurled into the car and of to the vet. All this commotion and Lars hasn’t even started drinking yet! But all this naturally derailed the timeframe of the party and it was a little mish mash from there on. The good thing was that Jesper is allright and all the drunk and obnoxious Polish persons are alive. And the 2 single mums that were hunting for companionship for the night didn’t get it…FROM ME or Lars thank God or whom ever to thank for that. We made an early exit after someone threatened to stab the most obnoxious Polish person in the throat. And the single mums started to be hands on… that’s when I told Lars, GRABB your bags and I warm the car up…*smile*.

So we headed south and were suppose to go to a friend in Jönköping to play Buzz, but he cancelled that and we were all heading out to a night club, and that was really crap. So off to bed at the hotel.

The following day we kept heading south west til we came to Halmstad. Were me and Lars had a really fun day and evening. Lars was in a much better mood and he started off early by charming the whole restaurant after one gin and tonic. So our other table reservation at Little Hell restaurant was cancelled and we ate and entertained at the first place we came too. Class act. As a non drinker, I always have to look after Lars, who is absolutely all over the place… Not in a bad way, just in a different way *smile*, but at half 2 I had enough and went up to my room and crashed out after my Cow…en phone call to the IOM. *Smile* It made me sleep well.

The next day was a good day for us supporting the Prancing horse team in Formula 1. Now my support is even bigger. And we had a great 1-2 finish. YEAY!!!

I have not yet got the get go from Padgetts about the Southern100 but hopefully it’s just for lack of time but we are currently working towards the Ulster GP as well. Which would be awesome to do. Padgetts is back at it again and testing new configurations on the bikes. Also my Sponsor Feadship will be on the TT Senior winning Fireblade road replica that will be released later. That is so cool.

Also, I want to extend my gratitude towards all you people that helped out, supported me during this TT time. (I mentioned a few before) The whole Padgett crew with my mechanic Graham who always made me feel safe on the bike. Les Nicol at NK Joinery, Dave B (Duke video), John Hope, Pete Hignett, Geert M, Geert V, (double Geert!!!) Erik and Ted at Maxsport, Ryan Farquar for sharing his secrets around the course, the Heaths (go Sophie in your next race!) I am sure I have forgotten shitloads of people but that’s not because I am a bad person it’s just because my memory fails.

Attached photo is when Lars realize that he sent a very intimate text to what he thought was a really good looking girl that turned up on Petes phone at 03.00 AM. Nice one Lars! *Smile*

Hopefully I’ll see you soon.

News 20080610

Just pictures!

All the best


News 2008-06-09

Races, Iceman and the empty aftermath

Good morning to you all.
I hope that you IOM travelers made it home safely to your destinations. Grab a cup of tea and start reading, if I ramble on its because there is so much to talk about.

I will start with just a few reflection after taken my friend out on Mad Sunday (in a Car!!!) I am amazed that only 7 people got killed under this 2 weeks of crazy bikers wannabe that hurled around the mountain course on open roads. Some of them are absolutely mental and lacks any kind of brain and see forward vision. After a couple of km’s we had witnessed 3 incidents which might well have resulted in serious injuries or deaths.

The good thing is that we had no casualties or serious injuries from a racing or practice perspective, which I am sure pisses off morons in the Kingdom of envy = Sweden, that’s the place where they even post that the forum will turn into a RIP thread shortly. You see, in Sweden they are so far up their own arse that they can’t see or comprehend a great sport even if they fell over it, or it might just be a matter of lack of heart and passion, since there is nothing new that the persons with the pointy finger normally is the biggest wa**er. Their obituaries will most likely be: Here lies whoever who died for whatever.

Throughout the fortnight I have had 2 constant problems: Topspeed and handling through the combination corners, part from that and a steering damper there has been absolutely no problems. But after the first practice were the steering dampers rod was snapped, we did changes to stabilize the bike, and without knowing at that time we had a broken damper made us go the wrong way.

And two raining and cancelled practices made us short on time. But as I said, part from that it all was mint. The Dunlops had so much grip in the corners, it was great. Bike turned on a penny. The fact that it was unstable through some places might well be down to the compromise around a track like this. You CAN not have the perfect bike here.

After my 8th place on Monday I felt like there was more to come in the second race. The first race went more or less without any trouble or yellow flags. I also made the decision to go one tooth smaller on the rear sprocket (which in the heavy wind on the mountain turned out to be completely wrong).  So when the Flag dropped on Wednesday I really got my head down in the screen and it all felt really good. Ian Mac gave me P6 down at Ballacraine which made me pleased since that is one of the fastest stretch on the circuit, and knowing that I lose about 6-10MPH in top speed I knew I was going through the Ballascary, Union Mills, Greeba and more like a man possessed. It all felt really good until I hit the dip after Cronk y Woddy for the second time were the lock stop had to work hard and I had to use all my strength to stay on the bike. When you have been through there 20 times and the 21st time there is a major difference, you start to wonder. At least for a second or two, and that is enough sometime to make you loose focus. Rushed towards the next section and hit the beginning of the mountain hard, I was back on it, flat out through the important turns, before Joeys, Guthries and before the mountain mile, when there was a stationary yellow on the mountain mile, just before the small blind kink, I rolled the throttle and … nothing there came into the mountain box and nothing there either. S**T… Now I was ready to explode… went through the Veranda like a bat out of hell and had flat in sixth before final kink… only to find out that 6th gear didn’t carry me in the wind… Another waved yellow before Keppels gate, for a parked bike on the side of the track, and I had backed of to 30-35 MPH (as the regulations demands, it was time to salvage something, and I really flew for the rest of the lap, At Hillberry I found the limits of tires, machine and mankind rushed up through cronk ny mona with my shoulder in the grass bank. At Bedstead I used all the road and some of the kerb like a Motocross berm. Felt good! Then my head went to heroic as I thought I had Formula 1 brakes… I overshot the stopbox to the pit… ¤#”%&/!!!

This means a time penalty as well! That was it, from there on it felt like my head had gone in the wrong direction and I decided to take it home for a finish well within my limits. Apparently I was deicing for 7-9th place still, but around a circuit like this you need to be and feel 100% to go chasing, and my emotions and aggression had shown through my lack of experience.

I was so disappointed at the finish I had problem hiding it and to sign autographs and being photographed at that point was also a new experience…

I found out that at the Senior price ceremony I would receive the Iceman Trophy!!! A trophy stated for the best newcomer that comes from outside UK or Ireland. A trophy in memory for fellow Swedish racer and friend Joakim “Iceman” Karlsson who died in a practice crash in Kirk Michael on the Isle of Man 2005. It was emotional to get up infront of the crowd and collect it, I donated 50% of the price money to the Marshalls foundation (which got the cheers to soar through the air again), Hey, if it weren’t for the sacrifice of you Marshalls, we racers would be Zeroes!

Joakim similar to myself had the passion to go and do his own thing in terms of Real roadracing and when I spoke to the Iceman trophy guy John, I realized how Joakims passion has been given other people such a good time. I’ll see you laters Iceman, RIP.  

I have had loads of people come up to me and congratulate me for a great result and an ace ride. It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, or that I am ungrateful, I just think I didn’t perform 100% with what I had and that makes me feel like I have failed. But when I think of it, the TT was only my 2nd time on a bike since last September/October. But still… I am sitting on the Ferry analyzing every bit of these last weeks. I was supposed to race the Steam Packet race at the Billown Circuit but just before I found out that the Padgett truck needed to be on the ferry before that. However it seems like we will do the Southern 100 race, which I am really looking forward to. Ryan Farquar has also sorted me out with a ride for the Bush race in N.Ireland, if I have time I will really try and do that. Then I am aiming for the Scarborough, Ulster and Macau.

It’s always hard to come to a new team, and immediately gel with it, but I think it has been great to ride for Padgetts and a key to this is that I have always felt safe on the bike. Never I have thought about this or that because I know they have double or even triple checked it. Hopefully they are pleased with my performance and we can decide where to go from here. I need to get out on the big bike as well and that is my next aim, since they tends to suit me better.  

My family and friends that visited me during the fortnight should have a goldstar, Mum, Ingemar, Mathias, Magnus Thomas and of course LARS the mad one. It has been a pleasure in having you all over and I feel bad for Geert that couldn’t come over, he would have been a tremendous addition to this gang. The fun thing is that my friends had never met each other before, but naturally they just hit off and became the best of friends with Lars as their humble Joker and toker!!! *Smile* We made a good stir on the island and I am sure there is people waiting for us to come back… For what reasons we still don’t know… LOL…

I also want to know how much MB’s  mother collected to the Heli fund? Should be quite a good number.


Post Isle of Man Emptiness and loneliness:

Every year it’s the same. After the IOM races there is this big black hole that I crawl into where I feel like the smallest and most lonely person in the world. Nothing seems to have any value and life seems to have lost its meaning. And sitting on this ship doesn’t make it better, I wish I was sitting on one of my sponsor Feadships mega yachts instead, I am sure that would have helped out to some extent.

My office back home in Sweden have been in good hands by Åsa and Mikael so if I am lucky I can take a couple of extra days of when I get home, maybe go out with my friend’s Fairline in the sea outside Stockholm and just forget about racing for a while. I will try and trash his water scooter instead J.  I know I have a hectic schedule with projects in Thailand, Holland, Sweden and board meeting in the US coming up but that has to wait I am afraid, since I am mentally suffering of the Post IOM distress. And that is a legal excuse. Syntax Error…

I will post photos next time…



News 2008-06-02

Good flying morning.
Race Morning at last *smile*. Just a few updates before we are off at 13.15.

Since we have had a overheating problem in the engine the last practice we now have a fresh engine in the frame. The mechanics chucked it in yesterday and we are ready to go.

Weather forecast isn’t great and there is likely to be damp patches around from last night’s rain. Just hope it will not be any further showers today.

Everything feels great and we are ready to rock.

We have requested for a lower starting number but to no avail it seems, which sorts of pisses me of big time. What is it with this place and the in adequate slot in of starting order. Maybe that is just the extra fuel I need. Explore life to its limits…

All the very best

News 2008-06-01

Practice week over

Good morning.
Yesterday was last day of practice but also the big Superbike race.

As for the Superbikerace the great battle between Martin and McG ended when Johns bike broke down. Martin then rode a brilliant race until his bike broke down. It was a shame. Could have been a epic battle.

Sat at MB’s Grandstans and had a absolute magnificent day. And we Swedes were good in supporting the donation for the Helicopter Fund and I think all you that is in MB’s garden should do as well.

After that there was the final practice before our 600 race. And I set out 10 seconds ahead of Martin. And it was into Brandy well were he came by me, which is at the end of lap. Then I followed him around all the way to Glen Helen line a stern, felt really good and then I had a tangle with my mate Sergio, which Martin got through at once, I wanted to stay with him as he is know for his speed through the section after Cronk y Wody. I lost the toe, did still see him but when we came out towards Handleys he had blizzed me. S**t that was quick I thought to myself. But I have to say, that he rides dead smooth on that 600 and looked sharp. It was the best help I have got under this week, so I was happy. I could also tell that I was quicker than him in a few places where I gained a little bit on him, and in the slipstream I didn´t lose very much on the long straights.  

The whole lap went great  but I overshoot sign post since I went like bat out of hell through cronk y mona flat in 5th gear and raned a little bit wide on the exit and didn’t have enough time to get it back. Still it felt great and it was just the matter of me not compensated for the additional speed I was carrying with me. Tomorrow I will.


News 2008-05-30

Hello out there.
Just want to give you a quick update on tonight practice.

After the changes made to the bike before practice today it just felt good. Cant explain why, but it just felt nice.
Clive recommended to go one toth bigger on the rear sprocket, so I did. And I think that made a difference to the better. It felt as it was pulling me a lot better and also I did get a better time today. I broke the 121MPH barrier from a standing start, second lap would have been blinding but I caught a superstocker and got held up but still managed a
HIGH 120MPH. So now we are on the right track and it seems as I am working a little bit better on the bike as well, remember that I have only done the NW 200 before this and that is for this year. So not to bad for a hobby rider. I was 7th quickest with that.

My Mum and Ingemar arrived to the island today, and so did Thomas N. I hope they will enjoy the racing and the atmosphere here. Its absolutely packed now and I think it will be a little bit more people for tomorrow.

All the best and have a good Saturday

News 2008-05-30

Good Morning to you.
Just to give you a short update from yesterdays practice and Lars success at the casino the night before.

As you know Lars is now here on the Island and that is really fun. Naturally when he came to Isle of Man his luggage was still in Birmingham, this is the fourth time in a row that this happens to him when flying. It happened at the North West 200 as well. It can’t be a coincidence.

Naturally he wanted to go to the casino on Wednesday evening, so we had dinner at the casino restaurant which is inside the casino. Chris Heath joined in for a steak and salad, we sat and had a good conversation, when Lars like a bolt of lightning hit the casino floor. Since neither Chris or I gamble, Lars was on his own. And almost as quickly as he left he came back for a couple of hundred poorer, still smiling though, which he often does *smile*. Well that meant that I had to pick up the tab so we were both losers that evening.

Yesterday the miserable weather turned from shit to summer, in 1 minute!

Me and Lars had been invited to follow Peter Hignett from to the Westair Hangar to watch the airplanes while they are being maintenance done on them. This was a good fun and the great guys that worked there was absolute brilliant, Justin Croft (third placed in Manx GP’s Newcomers race who did over 112 MPH around the course on a R6 -03) were our guide. He even let me and Lars sit in the cockpit and fiddle around. We Took some photos and I hope to share them shortly with you. Me and Lars thought we were flying, especially when the alarm siren went off inside the cockpit…. Thanks to you all at West Air!

After that the sun was shining and we sat out by the Motorhome and had lunch, peasallad and chicken. It was brilliant and well into the 20´s.

When practice commenced I started alongside John and his Padgetts Superbike. I made a good start and got the initial drop on him only to be passed like nothing 100 meter later ...

We had changed a few things on the bike to try and get it to handle better. Unfortunately, the previous rain had made the track damp under the trees and we got warned of this at the start. So I took it fairly easy under Glen Helen, Bishopscourt, Ginger Hall but worst was after Ramsey hairpin. It was creapy and the damp had my rear wheel spin several times so it was just to take it nice and easy and focus on the lines and set up were it was dry. Did two laps and went in to try and lift the back a little bit to have better steering. Because still I suffer from not being able to flip flop it quick enough which is the worst here.

My mechanic Graham, fixed that in no time and with a new helmet of I went again. The flies were really bad and on the second lap I could barely see the road ahead. That, yellow flags and the damp patches made me go a bit slow but I still did my first 120 MPH lap. So I dedicate that to my old friend Clem who is in the hospital and cant join us on the IOM, You are missed and me and Lars wish you get better soon.

I did two more good laps that also were set backed due to some incidents on the course, one at the extremely quick Mountain Box, were the helicopter just landed when I came by under waving yellows so it was just to slow down to 40 MPH. The bike felt better but I will try to get it to turn better because it I slow to go Flip flopping. (I like that word)

40 minute after the practice I get a phonecall from my friend in Sweden who has followed the practice on the Live services online. I am about 6-8MPH slower through the speedtraps? And in some of the twisty and technical areas I am as quick as anyone! So, that’s the latest and annoying truth.


News 2008-05-26

2nd practice

First timed practice was held under stormy conditions, it was so bad in places where you just almost blew of the track. Which is not comfortable.

Anyway, with a fixed steeringdamper I felt sure that todays practice was going to be a smoother ride than Saturdays argie barging. And it was. Loads better. But now we might have to get back to the previous rear end hight since I have problems with the flip flopping from left to right and vice versa. Something that is absolutely crucial around here.

I set off in practice with Ian Lougher who was on a SOOOOPERBAJK! And off we went, tried to stay on as long as I could but once the track opens up they just haul A**. They are so quick, would love to have a go on one of those. I took it fairly nice and steady throughout the first lap and when I came up to the Gooseneck I got stuck behind a rider and couldn’t or wouldn’t pass him until I got him under the brakes into Mountain box, so quite some time lost with that, but still ok. Second lap went well until Ballacraine were I get the “slipping on the throttle” feeling. Since I don’t ride much bikes I get armpump in the beginning of the year. So even now, which makes it even harder to steer left to right/right to left. So I shut off and went slower and planned to try and nail my lines over the mountain. Which I did after almost got caught out after Chris Palmers bike came to a stop infront of me, so I had to slam the brakes and avoid him. Then I set off, boom boom and suddenly I was heading towards Hillberry, (felt like 1 minute maximum) no stress just checked my lines. Felt easy and steady. Came in to the pit to fuel up when Chris Heath came and said, both was sub 19 minutes!!! Ha ha! Not funny I said, then someone else said the same. First lap was my quickest ever 119,82. And this with traffic and taking it fairly easy. I felt good because it really didn’t seem fast, and the second lap I didn’t even try from Ballacraine to Ramsey due to my pumped forearm. Well well… got some massage and the bike got some fuel. Just wanted to do one more lap, to try and ride away the armpump without straining it too much (since it probably will not be better tomorrow), since TT is only my second time on a bike or a long time I think I need some braking in. So off for a single lap to get some lines into my system, and that’s what I did. But the wind just kept pounding down and on places it never have bothered me it just blew me away and I had to roll the throttle on many places. Came back into the pits and was happy enough to get around and hitting all (almost everyone) apexes. Last lap was apparently also a 119MPH lap.

Spoke to my team about some changes we will try tomorrow to get it to handle better for me, because at the moment it’s a real fight from time to time. But I am sure we will have a solution for it before the end of Practice week.

Went and had dinner a Terminus Tavern, (Rice and Chicken) with the Team. John was quickest in the Supersport and I was 5th quickest, which is quite allright for a hobby racer.

I think its going to get busier and busier in the paddock and in Douglas, but so far it has been really quiet.

All the best and be good

News 2008-05-26

Short update

Greetings. Yesterday Johns Mechanic Ian, discovered that the rod that holds the steering damper was broken. So hopefully that explained the ferocious shaking. Just a few more hours and we have another go at it *smile*.



News 2008-05-25

IOM 2008
First TT practice

So yesterday was my debut at the TT and it was good to get going. Me and Ryan Farquar had been out earlier to have a look at the circuit and as always we had good fun. Ryan is a great guy, speaks his mind, don’t sweet talk and what you see is what you get. So this combination is sort of mould that I am so we get along just fine. Unfortunately the mountain had been closed before we came to Ramsey, we were probably driving to slow!!!

Practice went on after a 20 minutes delay and I set of with a 1000cc, but I got the better start and hauled off infront for 50-70 meter until the “giant” awoke *smile*. The 1000cc is quick, but I had relied him in and overtook him into Quarterbridge, and then the same happened into Braddan so I was back at my normal self, it always feels good to do that. Passing. But after a while into the circuit I came across some issues, big issues. I had problem hanging on to the bike, it was a handful everywhere and I couldn’t get to grip with it. Big tankslappers and it felt like it was going to throw me off or go ahead without me. Not a pleasant feeling. Especially in the quick left right corner combos and over the bumpy parts it was awful. On the smother single corners it was great but part from that. Huh!

Even the part from leaving rhencullen to Ballaugh Bridge which normally is flat (part from Alpine) I had to shut off several times due to the shaking and barging. This problem stayed through most of the laps and I was rolling the throttle I never (even on my debut) roll of. Anyway, I did 2 laps direct and went into the pits. Talked to my mechanic and they altered the suspension and revealed that the steeringdamper was leaking oil. Hmm… no wonder it was shaking and that my forearms were as big as a timberlog. Anyway, off I went again because I wanted to do another lap even with a failed steering damper. And the handling felt much better but it was still shaking. At the end of Cronky Wody straight there is a awesome corner that I take flat in sixth gear but when I did that today it almost throwed me off the beautiful Padgetts bike. Anyway, there were loads of traffic so I took it quite nice and easy and just concentrated to get the mountain section right. And part from not getting tight enough going into the 33rd milestone it felt good. It feels like I am lacking some power in the engine, but hopefully we can mend that with a new engine.

After practice we had a debriefing and I had a few things I want to try for Mondays practice. Widen the bars, different grips, etc etc. So hopefully we could get around without armpump and blisters in the hands. It was a untimed session but my Mechanic clocked me at 117Mph, first lap, which to me was unreal, I thought it might have been a 114MPH lap, so if we can get the few things sorted I think we can go really well.

Jaime Robinsson enyojed his first experience over the mountain course and had a smile from ear to ear when we met in the pits. John seemed to be happy enough with the Big Superbike, which can be a worry for all the others.

Today the only thing on the agenda is sauna, food and Formula 1. Lars (see picture) is coming on Tuesday, so then it all begins *smile*.

Talk to you soon.


Just a short update

I have now been on the Isle of man for a couple of days and starting to look forward to the first practice on Saturday.
Until today the weather has been sunny but pretty cold, but this afternoon it started to rain.

First days has been busy to just go around and meet up with my friends on the Island, The Heath Family (I am going to watch Sophie race motocross on Sunday), and the Bainbroughs. Actually I got invited for a barbeque first evening by Stu and Rachel, it’s always nice to come over to the Isle of Man because you feel soooo welcome. Went to see the guys at the Duke store, cheerful and happy as always. Later on I went to see Les at NK Joinery, my latest personal sponsor. And he was as great as I had imagined. Last but not the least, my second family, Dave and Gil, two of the worlds greatest and friendliest people I have yet meet. And after all the restaurant food I have been eating it was so sweet to get served a home cooked meal.

Yesterday, Chris came to the Paddock and put the RDH motorhome up. And we went out for a quick bite to eat.
Today I have had a great 2 hour session with John Dutton in Ramsey, a physic therapist that made good progress on my wrecked and old body. Feels 10 times better now. Thanks!
I also met my teammate Klaus Klaffenbock that will do the sidecar races for Padgetts/Manx Gas. He was a friendly and fun person, I liked him instantly.
The Padgett Truck arrived today and was fully up and extended by the evening.

Oh, I also got my “enormous” TT-contract today, so I only lossed out about 600 Pounds just to get myself here! Which sometimes makes you think: Why Bother! However, when the practice commences on Saturday you will only think of the next turn ahead, next jump ahead, next crown in the road…. Please, make it Saturday tomorrow!

I also have to tell you that I had my car hand washed today. And got charged 58 Pounds!!! For half an hour wash. Thank you! I want to be a car washer now. Pays better than to be a TT-racer *smile*.

But maybe my teammate can clarify that for me, as far as I am concerned, they couldn’t pay him and the other top guys enough for what they do.

See you at lunch at Cest la vie


News 2008-05-19

NW200 done and dusted 

Right now I am sitting on the ferry from Belfast to Isle of Man. Trying to analyze my debut at the NW200. And it’s a bit of mixed feelings really. As practice for the TT it was great to get the feel and handling of the bike sorted. Also to be able to test the Dunlop tyres was a real bonus. And they were shit hot.

The Honda chassis was also a sweet deal and the WP suspension was mint. Padgetts team is also a tremendous team to be involved with. But I do think we are lacking power. To the extent were we were blizzed on the straights to that point were frustration and desperation showed his ugly face. But I am confident that something will be solved for the TT which commences this Saturday with practice. 

But all in all NW200 was a fun and action packed meeting and the atmosphere was just spectacular.

First race I had a great battle with Chris Palmer and Andy Macfarland in which they passed me on the straights and I passed them into the turns with some serious kamikaze moves just to be passed again. We were dicing for 20th spot and I decided to make a move down into Metropole. I raned just a bit to wide and Palmer got on the inside and I couldn’t get back out in time for Church corner… so I decided not to throw the bike in and risking to end up (actually) into the church. So used the escape road and got back out.

Second race: Made a great start and got going, only to come across a big crash at Black hill and the race was red flagged. At the restart I naturally got a sluggish start after dumped the clutch a little too fast. Same symptoms in this race. Apparently I did lifted eye brows moves into the infamous Mathers cross which was applauded. The same going down to university but at the end of the day I finished in 16th placed. My Teammate struggled as well and ended up in 8th. But we all realize why and we just have to solve the problem in the next week. However, the TT is more a riders circuit even if you need the power to carry you.

But all in all, I loved the NW200 as an event and the organizers are really the best in the business and I hope to be back there for next year to dice it out in the top 10’s.

Also I have learned how to go quicker: Give gas, lean in further and brake later *smile*.

Stay well

News 2008-05-15

Tragedy hits NW200

After a long wait it was time for NW200 last practice today. And I couldn’t wait to get out there. First flying lap I improved from Tuesday by 4 seconds, but then I came into traffic and made a couple stupid mistakes by trying too hard in the braking zones, I was really trying to break late, but that made me loose time since I run wide and messed up my exits. Also went in and tried another gearing (shorter) and it pulled better on the coastroad and I could keep her in fifth gear through Mathers cross which felt really quick.

Then I had a really nice lap going and came to Ballysally roundabout and tried overtake a rider on the outside when he lifted up his bike and almost took me out. Laps wasted and used the escape road.   

Got about 11 laps in which felt good but I kept loosing out on the straights. Had several guys just blizzed by me like nothing, not even in the slipstream I did any inroads on them. Then when back in the pits after the practice I got a Speed trap list and a result sheet. I was 33rd!!! Not happy with that at all. Even if the 5 second would have brought me up to 22 or similar. But the speed trap figures…. 156 and 157MPH as my best, while the top guys are doing 171MPH! My teammate was 10 MPH quicker than me. I think I just found my secondsL. Part from that it felt ok. The Dunlops is really nice and I have yet to spun them up so I know I am fairly steady, but I have planned to be here at the NW200.

So tomorrow we have to find 10MPH in my CBR600RR. I hope we can find them, also going to try different brakes since the vibration is pretty heavy. We have a briefing tomorrow and see what we can find.

It is with big grief that I inform you that one of the Biggest Road Racers passed away today at the practice. None other than Robert Dunlop, brother to the great Joey Dunlop crashed and died by severe chest injuries. Apparently his bike seized going in to Mathers cross. My thoughts goes out to his family and friends. Rest in peace.  

Stay well and live while you can         

Padgetts ace mechanic team: Jeff, Dave, Graham and Patrik


News 2008-05-13 From the NW200

Good evening.
Just had the first practice of the NW200. And it went steady but it really feelt good. First time I sat on the bike was 2 hours before the practice. But once out on the track we clicked and it starting to feel extremely fun to charge down the roads of Portrush and Coleraine. Just found out that after only four laps I was 13th fastest in the supersport class.

The worst part for me was that the practice cut short because a crash and I only got three laps in and still mixin it up with seasoned riders. I had a good run on the lap which got red flagged so I am certain I would have been further up the list with that lap. However, this is just practice for the TT and I will not go all out here.

Now to the other stuff. My Team (Padgetts) is absolutely amazing. 100% professional and so good and fun to be around. My personal mechanic Graham is class act ant it feels so reassuring to know he is on my side. Clive just told me to be safe and have fun, and I followed order. *smile* It was massive fun and cant wait to get out there again.

My Ace teammate John McG is a real fun bloke and not the typical star, class act. And tomorrow he will take me around in the car and hopefully I can get a few tips in. (He was quickest in the Superbike class) Woody showed up today and helped me and Padgetts out. On Thursday we are expecting Lars and Clem to Show up. Also Thursday is the next and sadly the last practice.

Just one final thing I have to share. Going down towards York harpin flat in forth gear and all of the sudden the front goes up in a massive wheelie between the houses and kerbs…. Amazing…  

Stay well and be good

News 2008-05-12

Northern Ireland, Portrush and the amazing NW200 circuit.

Hola amigos!
After being in beautiful Portrush (Northern Ireland) for 2 days I just have to say that the atmosphere here is amazing.And the surrounding is mega. Long beaches, cliffs and green hills. I have a direct ocean view from my hotel room. But from the ferry on my way up here I almost runned out of petrol since there were no gas station along the main roads, and by the time I came to this lonely half abandoned station the car was coughing *smile*. But again the car didn’t let me down and I am sure we have a deeper connection and understanding for each other *smile*.  

On the way up here I passed the hometown of the great and late Joey Dunlop and I went in and paid my respect at the memorial. After finding my hotel I went out to have a look at the track. And its not your average race track, that is for sure. Massive “straights” on tiny bumpy roads and then back in through the cities and out on the straights again. The coast road seems extremely challenging though and if you get that bit right there is massive time to be made up. And then there is the Mathers Cross…. That’s the insane challenge on this track I think? An extremely narrow and massively fast corner taken in 5th gear? (apparently) Can’t wait. The newcomer will have an own practice session at first but we all assume we are instead of the road-sweepers *smile*.  

All and all I have probably made 15 laps around the track and it starting to come to me. The good thing is that its not more than 8 miles long so it’s a lot easier to get a few laps in than on the TT circuit.

The weather up to now has been great and I have been running for 50 minutes on the beach every day, that is always so nice to be able and run right next to the ocean.

Tonight the Padgetts Team is coming and I will get to talk, feel and sit on the white, blue, green, orange and yellow missile. Even though I have never ridden the new model of the Hondas it feels great and I am sure we will get along just fine. And I will have a professional mechanic for the first time as well. As I have previously said, I have never meet anybody that is as passionate about racing as the Padgetts team and it feels awesome to be a part of it.

Now I will have to do some work and then when the breakfast has settled in my stomach I will do my little run. That’s it for now but I will keep you posted.



News 2008-05-09

Beginning of the adventure.

I just woke up on the ferry to UK and the accommodation here has been brilliant. The fact that I met Alfred here yesterday made it easier, so instead of having dinner on my own I had great company with the Europe Manager for this new hospital directed company. They have a patented unit within the ultra sonic division and reckons great things coming there way.

I was supposed to have done all my packing when Wednesday was half way done but no such luck. Sunday evening I went to Rotterdam to finish a big project, and late Monday night my deal was done and the installers knew what to do. So I left them in a rush on Tuesday at 1030 to go back to Sweden since I had a meeting in Gothenburg at 9 o’clock the following morning. So I rushed back in the Volvo and was back in Gothenburg at around 00 00. Then Wednesday meeting was over and a couple of new urgent matters was dealt with + my daily run and then the clock was 23 30 and I was knackered. So went to bed and postponed the packing until 06 00 the next day. And I found out that the project in Rotterdam was signed off and that they wanted to order a new big installation for their other warehouse. But it went well and I was on the road at about 09 30. Had a customer appointment in Malmö. Then I took off to Denmark and went to see my friends and sponsors (Paso Levers) Ehlers PM. Who has the best bike shop in the country. Ehlers custom makes bikes in any way you like it and his wife Camilla keeps tracks of the shop. Its always good fun to go in for a cup of coffee or chai tea (my first).

So I will arrive in 3 hours to Harwich and then I will head off to Birmingham to see my friends Chris and Ian for a quick coffee and then shoot off towards Liverpool for the ferry to Belfast tonight.

Oh I forgot to mention that I had a extremely pleasant guided tour last week within the old bikes and cars department in Gränna. (Mostly known for their special red and white candy poles which we also stopped and bought *smile*) And Christer took me and my friend Thomas for a ride in his Nova convertible de luxe. No seat belts in that car. Then we went and saw some really historic bikes of his own and from Mr Vester. Who has an extremely and rare knowledge in restoring old bikes and cars. And he has a complete unique structure and “ordnung” with his parts and stock.

It was a blast and a real treat.

I will keep you posted of the news as it happens. See pics from my lecture in the Husqvarna school and Ehlers shop.

Take care

Troubleman News


This week has been absolutely crap work wise. Booked up my installation guys to go down and finish up a job in Rotterdam (Holland) for next week. So they postponed some other installation to go and make me happy *smile*. Then in the last minute on Friday evening I find out that the installation is off.!!! How fun is that! So naturally I feel extremely bad about that but I might just send them to south of Sweden instead were we are doing a small industrial installation for one of our clients. Loads of meetings and appointments in Stockholm as well and it feels like Thursday was really productive, which feels better after spending 5 hours in a car to get there. I hope my meeting in Hamburg next week will be as successful *smile*. 

The best with the whole week (part from the fact that the Dunlop tire test in UK on Tuesday was reported to be very very good *smile* ) was my speech/lecture at a school in Husqvarna outside Jönköping. The reason for this event Was the fact that Christer Fagerberg is a teacher on the school and he is a big fan of motorbikes, TT’s and racing in general. He was also on the Isle of Man to watch my race last year at the Manx GP. The school is one of the biggest automotive technicians education center in Sweden and they have had some tragic accidents with bike accidents among the pupils. So not only did we have a presentation of the Isle of Man and racing in general but we also spoke in length about the hazards and dangers about riding bikes on the roads. And part from the questions that some of the student asked it was dead silent for the full 90 minutes, so I think they really listened and got the other side of the coin (the one that isn’t about being the coolest and fastest guy on the streets in traffic) described in a way that they really could relate to. Since I do have a real live encounter with this side which almost ended my life I think they do listen more carefully, not only do I have it myself but I have had several close encounters were I have seen the backside of riding bikes. From the reflections I got from the students and teachers it was very much appreciated and the school Is thinking of having my speak there once a year for the next grade students. Which I have said I would be more than glad to do.  

I also got the great news from my biggest sponsor Feadship that he is extending the sponsorship, which is just sooooo awesome. I am also waiting for answers on 2-3 other sponsorship opportunity in which I hope that some of them will materialize. I might also make a road trip to the NW200 and the TT along with my pal and business partner from US Cris.  It should be good fun and it is always great to be travelling with him.  

Part from doing some work and my daily jogging tomorrow I will watch the F1 race from Barcelona and my tip is that Iceman Raikonen will use his pole to another victory for the Scuderia team. I do however hope that Massa can get his act together and fight for the victory.  

That’s it for today 


News 080421

Isle of Man 2008 

Finally I have been back to the place that is the center of attention 2008. Isle of Man. Flew over on Friday and spent the whole weekend on the island. It was great. A lot of friendly faces to speak and socialize with again. As I landed I went straight to the Atlantis restaurant in the Hiltons casino, a place where they do serve food as late as  0100. Sweet!

There I meet up my dinner party of Chris and Linda Heath. We had a good meal and it was really good to see them again. They helped me out a lot during Manx GP and Chris helped me out with some lines especially up on the mountain. After the dinner I had a drive around the 37.7 mile circuit and it was just as I left it *smile*, part from Braddan bridge and from the Nok to Governors dip that was closed for road works.

The racing line is the same at Braddan but it just looks different since they have built a roundabout around the old tree that used to be out of the circuit. While I was at it I took two laps before going to bed, I slept extremely well that night. Next day I went up early so I could get a couple of laps in before the traffic picks up around the island.  Back to the Hilton for some breakfast. The weather was nice with some sun. I went up to see David an Gil (my extra parents on the island) It is always so good to sit down and have some coffee and a good conversation with them. After that it was off to go and see Steve and is co worker at the Padgetts Store on Victoria road. Another coffee and some TT history conversation and mostly racing talk, it was great, first time I did meet Steve but he was a very nice person and a good salesperson. He had sold 8 bikes in a couple of days. I want a sales person like that *smile.

After that I went up and saw Stu, he was busy getting his Race truck ready. He even got his father in law to help out with the most boring job of them all: Taking old stickers out. We made plans to go out for something to eat later. After that I went back to Hiltons gym for a 40 minutes workout, chest and shoulders. It was the first time I was lifting junk in a long time. Felt good.

Chris had been out on a trackday at the Jurby track. When he was done we hit the road and took another lap around the track. Then back to his place for a cupper and some more racing talk. Went out to a Chinese restaurant by the promenade. Stu, Linda, Chris and their daughter Sophie and myself. Sophie had a motocross race the next day so she needed the carbs. Since she was racing the next day they went home and Stu and his wife Rachel, her friend and myself went to Colours for a something to drink. (I am still on the J2O or red bull) In the lobby I talked to John W. Hope I didn’t say something that might offend someone eeeerrrr… I might just not care! After a short time in Colours we went to the casino.

Next day, the same routine, 2 laps in the morning and then I went to see Sophie race motocross and father Chris doing some carburetor mechanic work (impressed) and Linda some cheering on. Also had the pleasure of meeting Jed, the fastest little kid on a small KTM. He hauled A** in those races. Sophie did very well and was involved in a girl fight on the track. I also did see some wheels of the ground over the table top as she went over. Good girl.

Last stop on the way to the airport was to the Terminus pub by the promenade to meet Stuart. Stuart has, as some other people, really tried to help me find some sponsors and he has one on the hook, just have to wait for the answer. Dave at "Duke Video" also made an introduction for me at NK Joinery that is now helping me out as well.

Then off to the airport but stopped by Stu’s house to say bye and wish him good luck at the races in Ireland this week. Long trip back since I had to go through Manchester-Copenhagen-Landvetter airport to get home at 00.00 at night. Today it was back to work for a couple of meetings and then the daily running routine.

That’s it for today, see the pictures from the trip to IOM.


News 080416

Just a short update

Good evening.
Hope all is well and that the spring is starting to surround you. The last couple days we have had sunshine and 7-9 degrees, which is quite sensational for being in the town of Göteborg (Swedish). So the last days have been much more fun (fun is probably the wrong word to describe running but but!!!) to be out running the 14-15 km. Naturally the weekend was bad so I used the crosstrainer for 90 minutes per day. So it starting to feel pretty good and I am getting in race shape.

Tomorrow I will try and book tickets to the Isle of Man. It will be good to get over there for the weekend and just go around the circuit a couple of times. Just to get in to the “zone” to feel alive and start getting back in race mode. Hopefully I will meet some nice friendly faces and just have a nice and relaxing time.

Having some difficulties to organize the making of my new leathers, is busy in designing and producing the custom made logos and patches that should decorate my Lookwell suit, they do the most professional work I have seen. So if you want to personalize your suit, above is the web page to go to.    

There is just so much things to do and sort out in the racing world and on top of that we are currently doing big projects in Sweden, USA, Mexico, Holland and starting a project in Thailand + trying to get some meeting sorted from the new office in Hamburg… + loads of smaller stuff that needs some oversight and production on top of that… Phew… no wonder the days are to short… *smile*.

Oh, picking up a new Company car tomorrow, and naturally it is a Volvo *smile*, in silver. Hmm… The old Volvo had lasted longer than I suspected and is now retired from the hectic pace of Aircode business. So he is happy.

What else, I just got a couple of friends that just got sorted to come over for the TT and Lars is so enthusiastic that wants to come over for the NW200 as well. Having a dialog with a couple of potential sponsors that wants to be part of the action. And they are all welcome *smile*!

The trip to the MB factory in Sindelfingen, Germany was mega, had a really good and fun time. I also found a very special silver colour that I would pick for the next car! That is if it’s a MB *smile*. They build 2000 cars every day in that factory, also got to see the special department were the AMG, Maybach and the SLR McLaren is sold and delivered. It was nice to be spoiled, wish I could be that more often *smile*. 

So part from that, it’s just business and training. Hopefully I will have some time to go with my business partner to his place in Cannes before I head over to the NW200. Would be nice to be able to get a couple of days off before the racing begins.  

All the very best

News 080402

Isle of Man TT, Padgetts and Mercedes AMG factory.

Less than two months away until we are being released out on the mountain circuit on the Isle of Man. This is what the last 7 months has been all about, to get another chance to tackle the 37,7 mile road circuit. These 37,7 mile that has that special lure, mystic and excitement that makes the heart beat that little bit faster, all training, PR and focusing goes towards this. All my effort has gone toward getting the best ride possible and I sort of went all in to get the ride I wanted. I turned down a good offer to proceed with my goal.

And after a long wait I got the message yesterday. Clive Padgett gave me the get go!!! I am riding for Padgetts Honda. And from the time that I meet up with Clive and the rest of the Padgetts I knew that this is the surrounding I want to be in when it comes to racing. He is so focused on getting the best out of the machinery and riders. The commitment is just spot on and no expenses spared. The time consumptions that they spend on getting the bikes to perfection is just unreal. Christmas and New Years doesn’t matter, new heads, exhausts and configurations has to be tested. Add Dunlop tires and WP suspension to the mix and you will have a great package to go racing.

The next best thing part from riding for Padgetts has to be to ride next to TT king and legend John McGuinnies. 13 time a TT winner, outright lap record at 130,34 miles an hour… Phew… That’s quick. So 2008 will be a great learning experience, hopefully John is willing to assist with a tip or two. So I can apply his multi year brilliant quick experience together with my own attack and lines, hopefully a lightning quick combination. So as a build up towards the TT I am running a minimum of 12 km 5-6 times a week. So I will be in the best shape ever. Its no point in having an ace bike if you are not prepared yourself *smile*. 

I am going to slow start the racing season buy going to Mercedes AMG Factory outside Stuttgart next week. That should be a nice soft start to get the racing spirit going *smile*. 

So until we speak again

Ta Ta

Myself in Padgett company: Peter and Clive

News: 2008-03-26

Isle of Man promotion, Great sponsors and a fake friend

Greetings to you all.
Hope you had a great Easter and that you had better luck with the weather then we did in Sweden *smile*. Another snowstorm that went back and forth, naturally I have put the summer tires on the cars, so double desperation to drive in the snow *smile*.

My weekend was mostly occupied in doing promotion for the TT and Manx GP at the biggest custom show in Scandinavia. Over 80 000 people came over 4 days. I was invited by a couple of the people that watched the Manx GP -07, they all have a BIG passion for Husqvarna bikes. So they had a couple of rare bikes at the stand, which were decorated in Isle of Man flags, posters and a DVD playing from the centenary TT, (which attracted people to the point where we had a traffic jam outside our stand *smile*. I guess most people find it breathtaking to see a racer go flat out on bumpy roads between hedges, houses, cliffs, stonewalls and telegraph poles. The common verdict was, “It has to be the Isle of Man”. And it was good fun in answering all the questions and see the excitement from people.

All the people involved in the stand were all great persons and I felt privileged to get the chance to be a part of their show. They all had a burning enthusiasm about bikes in a way that I don’t have. I am just looking for the fastest bike to get me around the TT circuit. Period, everything else is of no interest, but I do like seeing bikes that have a racing history behind them. Like the Husqvarna bike you see on the photo has been racing around the Mountain circuit and could reach speed over 200 KM/H!!! Which is impressive, for that age bike.

Hopefully I will have all things rapped up next week for the Isle of Man 2008. Stay posted and keep your fingers crossed.   

I was supposed to be in Netherlands for work on Monday but it all got cancelled last minute. This morning a huge package arrived from My helmet sponsor NZI which you can find on
I also found out that the Lookwell Leathers was sent yesterday to my office.  
Also our racing Boots from was sent yesterday, another fun bit is that I will be on the cover of this new online shop that are opening shortly, so now you can order all your stuff online. Easy and great prices.  

Now to the sad part of this news.

As I have said many times before I don’t trust people and I have on numerous occasions said that the fun about racing is always being clouded by fake people and fallen promises.

So one of our team members has taken advantage of our team effort and will now not honour our pre made agreements. Should I be surprised? No, not really, a lot of people has told me before that he is a fake and flake. But 1 month before season opener he sends an email to declare that he is doing his own thing. Leaving us high and dry. The same person that the day before breaking the news told his sizes so we could order his personal riding equipment!!! The story is long and ugly, same person that wanted to have a written contract that he was to ride with our team. I guess that would have been good to have now. In my world the spoken word is as strong as anything and if you say something... you better mean it. SO, with the fact in our hand and the backstabbing S.O.B that he is we sure hope that he has an eventful season!!! And if I ever come within 30 feet of him, I think we can have an interesting scenario.

However, we are looking to participate in an international series and we are at the moment looking to get in touch with the organizers.

We will keep you posted.

A small tip to you all, keep everything you agree upon in writing. And keep your arms ready to attack! 

Stay well